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T-shirts Per Page: 24 48 72 96 View All
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80s T-shirts for the Ultimate Throwback

Upon hearing the famous song from Breakfast Club's anthem "Don't you forget about me…," you might think it was also referring to the 80s. Our 80 t-shirts bring back your favorite TV shows and movie references and introduce their awesomeness to a brand new generation of would-be fans.

When you think about the 80s, this was when the great Jon Hughes gave us films that are now seen as the definitive movies of that decade: Breakfast Club, Ferris Buellers' Day Off, and Sixteen Candles, to name a few. Who doesn't remember the letter written on a Saturday detention by a brain, an athlete, a basket case, a princess and a criminal? Or the teacher droning on "Bueller….Bueller…Bueller…"? Could you forget, even if you wanted to, Long Duk Dong?

Did you know that Marty McFly travelled to 2015 in one of the Back to the Future movies? And while we aren't riding hoverboards around town like they said we would be, he'll be happy to know that we haven't forgotten him. At least, our t-shirts still remind us of that awesome movie.

Right now, we've got in our store a good selection of 80s slogan t-shirts that reference all your favorite 80s movies. Friday the 13th, Caddyshack, Terminator, Alien, Star Wars, National Lampoon, Back to the Future, and more. Wear them proud and tell people all about the DeLorean Time Machine or what business Weyland-Yutani deals in, or ask them if they've ever visited the Mos Eisley Cantina. Sing the song Don't You Forget About Me at the top of your lungs as you raise your hand in unity with Judd Nelson at the end of Breakfast Club. Talk about the Griswold family or how Jason really is the black sheep of the family. You want to talk 80s? We can help you out with 80s casual shirts that will get conversations going.

If there are 80s references, TV shows, or movies you feel strongly about that we haven't covered, don't be shy to ask about our customized shirts, where you can bring back the 80s big shoulder pads, over the top big hair, and neon overload to your heart's content.

If you are a full-on cinephile, we have more movie t-shirts to give shout outs to films outside of the 80s. Have your own Hangover baby Carlos on your shirt or see if people remember Mr. DNA from Jurassic Park. Even current TV shows get props with a simple Bazinga!

So whether you are a true blue 80s junkie or just love the cool and funny designs we've got, find an awesome t-shirt at CrazyDog T-shirts today.