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Nebraska T-shirt

Did you know that Nebraskans love fixin to eat corn so much that U of Nebraska nicknamed themselves the Cornhuskers? I mean, here in New York we like our Thin Crust pizza, but we don't go so far as to say we're the NYU Thincrusters or anything. Props to Nebraska for being proud to husk. Myself? I prefer my corn pre-husked from Wegmans. If I had my druthers, I'd like it cooked when it gets to me too, so I can be extra lazy, but that's just a dream. Show your love for the Cornhuskin' state with this funny Nebraska tshirt!


  • * Great Colors
  • * Soft, Stylish, Versatile
  • * Quick Shipping through USPS
  • * High Quality Shirts, Mix of Cotton and Poly/Cotton Blends based on availability
$16.99 $13.59