99% Chance of Wine T-Shirt


Want to show off your love of wine and predicting the future? We suggest trying our brand new “99% Chance of Wine” shirt. We guarantee that you’ll be more accurate than even the most celebrated psychic in your city!

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Ladies, would you believe us if we told you that we could make a more accurate forecast than your local weather station. What if we told you that we could bestow that awesome ability on you? Well, we can! This powerful ability comes with our fabulous “99% Chance of Wine” t-shirt. Joining our long line of wine and other cool t-shirts, this new tee is perfect for any woman out there that enjoys showing off her love of wine. Red wine, white wine, sweet or dry, we don’t care which one you prefer. All we know is that this shirt works. If you wear it, you’re able to predict whether or not there will be a chance of wine tonight. And you’ll always be right! Available on our signature red women’s slim fit shirts, this simple, one-color design will easily catch the eye of everyone that looks in your general direction. It is available in sizes small, all the way up through XXL, ensuring that you have the chance to buy a funny t-shirt that will fit you perfectly. After all, how can you be expected to make an accurate prediction on tonight’s forecast when you feel uncomfortable?