Adamantium Element T-Shirt

Ever heard of the Element of Adamantium? It's one of the strongest metals in the entire universe. (The Marvel universe, that is!) Aside from maybe Vibranium, it's downright indestructible. Because it's somewhat of a pain to coat your entire skeletal structure in it, we decided that it'd be easier just to wear one of these funny t-shirts instead. Our Adamantium Element design tee comes in Men's and Women's styles, in sizes small through 5XL. Don't worry kids, we made a special tee just for you!

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By wearing this shirt, you will give yourself all you need to take on the likes of The Hulk, Saber Tooth, and Mystique. Just stay away from Magneto. That one probably won't work out too well for you. Oh wait, we forgot that this cool t-shirt is made out of ringspun cotton. Okay, you're all good! Now get out there and show off your comic book nerd cred! Whether you're going to Comic-Con, or you just want to make jaws drop at the local hobby shop, we're betting that this one will go over amazingly well!