Anchor Maternity Shirt


Are you looking for a funny t-shirt for the pregnant lady in your life? This new "Anchor" maternity tee is not only beautifully screen printed, but it is also available in a number of sizes. From small all the way through XL, we guarantee that the contoured design of this shirt will fit your bump like a snug and comfortable glove.

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This brand new maternity tee is for those women who are pregnant, and feeling like they are hauling around a bid ole anchor! Ever tried to get up and feel like that baby inside of you is weighing you down? We know how you feel, and it was that feeling that led us to come up with this adorable new design. This awesome new design is screen printed on an ultra lightweight ringspun cotton, and is very lightweight. The shirt is cut in a way that will make room for your bump, no matter what size it may be or how far along in your pregnancy you may be. Hauling around a little bundle of joy that is as heavy as a boat anchor is bad enough. You shouldn't have to wear a piece of apparel that isn't designed in a way that your body can handle. Hey dads! Are you looking for the ideal gift for your wife or girlfriend, now that she is expecting? Has she talked about just how heavy the baby growing in her stomach feels like? Pat yourself on the back sir, because we've just made your day a heck of a lot easier!