Are You Afraid of Clowns? Flip Up Shirt

Poor clowns. They're nobody's favorite part of birthday parties, 80's horror movies, or the circus. And still, they just keep coming. Rather than spending a small fortune going to clown college, we think that our new Are You Afraid of Clowns? flip up t-shirt as a simpler and more affordable alternative. It could also be a great way to scare the heck out of people who suffer from coulrophobia.

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Are you afraid of clowns? If you are, this one will either send you running for the hills, or replace years of exposure therapy. Available in sizes eight sizes (small through 5XL), this ringspun cotton wonder is screen printed in house by our own lovable bunch of clowns. Well, not real clowns. Oh you know what we mean. Just buy it before you head to your next children's birthday party!