Ask Me About Building A Snowman Flip Shirt

One of the newest flip up shirts to debut here at CrazyDog T-shirts, it's our Ask Me About Building a Snowman design. After someone reads the front text, takes the bait and asks you about it, all you have to do is flip the bottom of the shirt over your head. Boom! Instant snowman. If there's a better funny t-shirt to wear during the cold winter months, we haven't thought of it yet.

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This ultra soft cotton shirt comes in three styles and a wide range of sizes. Our men's adult style shirt comes in sizes small through 5XL. Our women's slim goes up to 2XL. As for our super cool youth tee? That one is available in sizes small through extra large. Whether you suffer through winter 7 months out of the year like we do here in Rochester, New York, or you long ago decided that Phoenix has the kind of winters you like, we think you'll enjoy sporting this stylish blue flip up tee. After that, all you'll need to do is wait for someone to ask you about building a snowman!