Ask Me About My Pug Flip Up T-shirt


I have a pug, and I love the little critter. All I need from you is to ask me about it. Once you do, I'll be able to show you something really funny! If you're a fan of this adorable little breed of dog, we think that our new Ask Me About My Pug flip tee is perfect for you. We love dogs here at CrazyDog T-shirts, and pugs in particular! It's why we came up with such other designs as Pugs Not Drugs and I'm Pugging Out!

No matter which design that we are talking about, we wanted to make sure that we capture the adorable nature of this dog. Most of them are cuddle bugs, when they're not playing, going on long walks, or getting into mischief that is. Either way, they are are huggable little balls of cutness, which is exactly what we hope people will think when they see you flip this one above your head.

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The new pug flip shirt available in men's, women's, youth and toddler sizes! Do you come from one of those families that are totally obsessed with pugs? Perfect. This one is for you! Whether you raise them in hour home, rescued one from the local shelter or organization, or have always had a fascination with their cute little eyes and snouts, we encourage you to try this one on today!