Ask Me About My Raptor Flip Shirt


Much like our wildly popular Ask Me About My T-Rex shirt, this item is one of the many items that have that are geared towards dinosaur fans. There is nothing better than wearing something that shows off your love for something. Make sure you get one for yourself today!

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Check out our Ask Me About My Raptor flip shirt. More than just another one of our funny t-shirts, this fully functional flip tee allows you to become one of the most fearsome creatures of the world. We're talking of course about the Velociraptor! One of our favorite dinosaur-themed tees, our Raptor flip comes in both men's modern and women's slim fit. Our men's tees come in sizes small through 5XL, while our women's slim (which tend to run a bit snug) goes up to 2XL.

This ringspun cotton marvel could be the ideal gift for someone who loves dinosaurs, as well as those who are also in need of a fantastic Halloween costume on the go! If you're looking for an item for someone younger, don't worry! This unique raptor design is available in youth and toddler sizes as well!