Ask Me About My Shar Pei Flip Up Shirt


It's my Shar Pei! Ask me about it! This is one of the best funny flip up tees that we've have come up with in a long, long time. Both the graphic design that you see on the inside and the text on the front are 100% exclusive to Crazy Dog (Get it? Dog?), and will not be seen anywhere else. Whether you're a fan of Shar Pei's, Boston Terriers, Pugs, or another dog entirely, we know that we've got something in our inventory that will satisfy you!

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This item currently comes on our super soft grey cotton. You can choose between men, women, and youth styles. If you have questions about how a particular style or size will fit your frame, just click on the size chart above, and all will be revealed to you! Show off your love of crazy dogs today with these and other beautifully made shirts!