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Ask Me About My Zombie Disguise Flip Shirt

Ask Me About My Zombie Disguise Flip Shirt


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Ask Me About My Zombie Disguise Flip Shirt

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Prepare for the coming zombie invasion with this awesome zombie disguise shirt! And if you happen to have a child that you know would love this design, you'll be happy to know that we now offer this cool little design in four awesome youth sizes! Check it out!


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The zombie invasion is not to be taken lightly. Neither are costume parties, or any excuse to scare the living heck out of your grandparents. One of our favorite flip up shirts, this tee is the perfect gift for anyone that is a fan of zombie TV shows and movies. It could also work for anyone looking to cosplay at Comic Con. Heck, you could even go trick-or-treating with it if you wanted! We won't judge!

Screen printed on a soft, high quality t-shirt, this original design has been serving our customers well for years. Wear it the next time you go to watch The Walking Dead with your friends. Flip it up in the mall when you walk through the food court. While there are a ton of reasons to wear one of these, our personal favorite has to be camouflage. In the even that the undead rise from their graves and start biting your neighbors, you could flip up one of these over your head and hide out until they pass by.