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  1. Get Half Off Any T-shirt, Tank Top, or Hoodie Order!!

    Greetings and a happy Friday salutations to all of you, and welcome to a very special edition of the CrazyDog T-shirt blog! We've got a very special promo code that will allow you to take half off of any funny t-shirt order!! Enter in our new CRAZY50 coupon code, and you'll see half the cost of your order disappear before your eyes. It's a magic trick that could confuse Penn and Teller, David Copperfield, and whoever that masked dude was who gave away all their secrets on network TV!

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  2. 5 Funny Men's Shirts More Tempting Than Chipotle

    We're all familiar with Chipotle at this point, right? Not only does it have one of the best corporate Twitter accounts out there, but it also is just plain awesome. When you combine the amazing flavors with the fact that it's healthier than most other fast food options out there, it's no wonder why people start to salivate at the mention of the restuarant giant. As a matter of fact, many of you might believe that there is nothing more tempting than tacos or a burrito bowl from Chipotle.

    Enter our selection of funny men's t-shirts.

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  3. Top 8 Funny Political T-shirts for 2016!

    **Enter Code Buy2Get2 at Checkout to Get 2 Tees for FREE!**

    (UPDATE! Several of the t-shirts on this page are discontinued. You can still find many others by clicking here!)

    Greetings and salutatios ladies and germs! 2016 is an election year, and the first primary contests are two weeks ago. If you don't mind, we're going to step onto our little soap box and rattle off our position on values. Don't worry, we're not going to actually get into our own political views. As a matter of fact, if you want to tease everyone, it kind of helps not to have any.

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  4. Funny Shirts Not Found in the Hillary or DNC Leaked Emails

    It's been one heck of a week for politics in America, wouldn't you say? After what most people would call a train wreck of a Republican convention, Donald Trump appears to be getting a post-convention bounce. Hillary Clinton's DNC convention was supposed to kick off the week like a smooth, well-oiled machine, but that was all thrown into chaos thanks to 20,000 leaked emails via WikiLeaks. Suffice to say, if you supported Bernie Sanders, you have plenty of reasons to be slightly peeved this morning. Not even the amazing Kreskin could have seen any of this coming!

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  5. Show Up to Comic-Con 2016 in Style With Our Funny T-shirts



    Can you believe that the most magical times of the year is here already? No, we're not Christmas, dummy. We're talking about San Diego Comic-Con! Ever year, a seemingly never-ending horde of nerds and geeks descend upon the southern California city, bringing with them their love of comic books, video games, anime, hit television shows and blockbuster film franchises. It's generally a fun atmosphere for fanboys and fangirls, especially when you add in the trailers, guest panels, and autograph opportunities.

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  6. 5 Funny Tank Tops to Beat the Heat With

     Over the past two weeks, Americans all over have been in the grips of one of the worst heat waves in decades. Temperatures and heat indexes are regularly soaring into the triple digits, with tons of humidity thrown on top. It's like all of the sudden the entire country thought it would be a good idea to go ahead and act like Florida.

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  7. Where is Wanheda? The 100 T-shirts Are Available Now

    UPDATE! Check out our newest shirts for CW's The 100, designed in cooperation with the show's producers!


    Use promo code 'Buy2Get2' at checkout to get 2 tees when buying two!!

    Use Code 20PLEASE for 20% off an entire order!

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  8. Own Any Baby Shower With These Funny Baby Creepers and T-shirts!

    Greetings one and all, and welcome once again to the CrazyDog Blog! Today we're here to talk about how you can totally own the next baby shower you attend. While most would never want to admit it out loud, everyone secretly wants it to be their gift that kills when the mother-to-be and everyone else once it's opened. With our selection of funny baby shirts and creepers, you can do just that!

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  9. Funny Baseball T-shirts and Maternity Tees for Sports Fans

    Greetings and a most heartfelt salutations to all of you baseball fans! We're here to celebrate America's Nationa Pastime with some of our newest sports designs. Whether you're looking for adult t-shirts, maternity tees, or kids shirts for your son or daughter, we've got plenty to go around. We've been coming up with a ton of new funny sports shirts lately, and now that Baseball season is in full swing, we wanted to show off a few cool designs that we feel will look awesome on you whether you're watching at home with your friends, eating wings at your favorite sports bar, or having a hot dog at your favorite ballpark.

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  10. Catch Em All With Our Parody Video Game T-shirts!

    (UPDATE: Several of these designs have been discontinued. Those that are still on sale still have active links.)

     Greetings and a happy Monday salutations to each and every one of you! Today we're here to talk to you about one of the biggest video games ever to circle the globe. If you've been living under a rock for the past two weeks, we're talking about Pokémon Go, a spin off from the Pokémon pop culture phenomenon of the late 90's.

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