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  1. 5 Cool T-shirt Designs for the 2016 Fall Season!

    The first official day of fall may not be until September 22, but that doesn't mean that we here at CrazyDog T-shirts can't get a head start by showing you some of our awesome new fall themed t-shirts now. That's right folks, here at the world's best funny t-shirt blog, we're all about the coming chilly months. Whether you're an expecting mother, or someone just wants to cozy up in a super soft hoodie, we think that you're going to love the selection we've got here for you today.

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  2. Warm & Funny Hoodies for the Coming Fall Season!

    Greetings one and all, and welcome back to an awesome Monday edition of the CrazyDog T-shirt blog! Today we're here to talk about some of our favorite funny hoodies. Yeah, yeah, we know that it's still August, and that it's still boiling in most of the country. Blame it on the fact that we're headquartered in Rochester, New York, where the temperature can shift 40 degrees in a matter of hours.

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  3. Get 2 Funny Shirts for Halloween, The Election, and The Holidays Free!


    Greetings and salutations one and all, and welcome back to the best freaking funny t-shirt blog on the internet. If you're looking to buy cool shirts online, you're going to absolutely love what you see here. Today's blog is specifically geared towards those of you who love to plan ahead. We know that it's only August, but we know how beneficial it can be to plan ahead. Shopping for upcoming holidays like Halloween and the holiday season can be stressful and costly, which is why more and more people like to get it over with early. That's where we come in.

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  4. 5 More Back to School Funny T-Shirt Deals!

    First of all, welcome back to the CrazyDog Blog! We're here to show you five more funny items that we feel would be perfect for you at the start of this new school year. Whether you're going into high school or college, we know that we've got something fantastic for you to wear!

    When it comes to back to school shopping, we know that it can be difficult to find real savings. That's why this week only, you can use code CRAZY50 to save 50% off of your entier order! Trust us young pupils, learn to take advantage of deals like this now. You'll thank us when you're older. Now then, on to today's cool t-shirts, which have been divided up by subject!

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  5. Pizza T-shirts, Tank Tops, Maternity Tees, and Mugs!

    Happy Friday everyone, and welcome back to the CrazyDog T-shirt blog! Today, we're all about pizza. Not only is it quite possibly natures most perfect and healthy food. Don't believe us? Well, if it wasn't good for you, then why would the U.S. Congress classify it as a vegetable? BOOM. We win.

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  6. 5 Funny Scented Ink T-shirts to Tickle Your Nose With

    Greetings and salutations sniffers, and welcome to another fantastic edition of the CrazyDog T-shirt blog! Today we're going to be showcasing some of our newest items, but with a slight twist. Instead of just being our normal funny t-shirts, these items feature our brand new scented ink! These cool new t-shirt graphic designs are screen printed onto our high quality heather gray tri-blends apparel, which is about as soft and comfortable as it gets.

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  7. Funny Back to School Items for Students and Teachers

    Greetings & salutationhs to all of you awesome people, and a happy, happy Monday! We're here to talk about some of our favorite new back to school themed items. Now that we're about halfway into August, the majority of the students in the country are either back in school, or getting ready to go back. Today we're going to be showcasing a number of our new funny t-shirts and drinking mugs. Each of the cool shirts that you see before you are available in several different sizes in our men's and women's slim fit styles, while our coffee cups are all 11 ounces, and made of a high quality white ceramic. Both are printed here in our Rochester, New York facility. 

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  8. Funny Political T-shirts For Hillary, Trump, Pizza, and More!

    **Use Code Buy2Get2 at Checkout to Get 4 Items for the Price of 2!**


    The 2016 general election is in full swing, which means that it's time for all responsible companies like us to get out there and try to make a difference. With the shape that the United States is in these days, we each need to do the best we can to try and ensure that future generations inherit a better place than we all have. That's why we here at CrazyDog T-shirts have decided not to endorse any candidate, and just make fun of the whole process. Because if we're not laughing a little bit at the whole thing, then seriously, what are we all doing here?

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  9. Feed Your Olympics Fever With Cool USA & Sports T-shirts!

    What a way to kick off the week!! The 2016 Rio Olympics have barely begun, and Team USA is already kicking the crap out of the competition! Not only did teen Ginny Thrasher win the first gold of the games in the women's 10 meter air rifle shooting on Saturday morning, but we were treated to a double dose of gold in the form of the American swim team! Michael Phelps led the men's relay team to a gold medal, while Katie Ledecky absolutely annihiliated the competition in the women's 400m freestyle. Seriously, it wasn't even close. Not only was she was several body lengths ahead of the second place finisher, but of her own world record as well. It was like watching Secretariat win the Belmont Stakes back in '73.

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  10. How Cute Maternity Shirts Can Give You Superpowers

    **Use Promo Code Buy2Get2 at Checkout to Get 4 Items for the Cost of 2!**

    Did you know that cute maternity shirts can actually give you superpowers? Well, it's true...sort of. With all of the difficulties that come with pregnancy, feeling comfortable and looking amazing are pretty super. Like many of the most superheroes in mainstream pop culture today, there needs to be some kind catalyst to unlock their abilities. The good news for you is that our funny maternity shirts are just that!

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