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  1. Patriotic Funny T-shirts for the Fourth of July Holiday

    Greetings one and all, and welcome back once again to the coolest funny t-shirt blog and website on the internet. With America's Independence Day fast approaching, we're here to talk to you about some of our brand new patriotic tees! These funny Fourth of July shirt designs are super soft, stylish, and available in a myriad of sizes and styles. We use the softest ringspun cotton available, and are proud to screen print every item we sell right here in the good old US of A!

    Shall we dive in? Lets!

    Have you seen our awesome new Go America It's Your Birthday tee? This funny t-shirt immortalizes our nation's first president, George Washington, in a way that has never been done before. Mount Rushmore and the dollar bill have nothing on this nifty little item! With tons of men's and women's slim sizes to pick out, you'll have no problem finding the right fit. 

    Speaking of the great General George Washington, did you know that he rode into battle on a unicorn? We didn't know either until we saw this cool t-shirt here! For some reason, scholars, scribes, and professors have chosen to leave it out of the history books. Thankfully we have found the last remaining image and screen printed it onto one of our ultra soft heather gray tees. Thanks to our heroic efforts, you can score a George Washington Unicorn shirt now. Pretty awesome, isn't it? 

    If you've got a hankering for good ole fashioned American beer, you're going to want to raise a glass to our brand new Let's Get Lit Like It's 1776 graphic design. This item not only comes in two different styles but two different colors as well. Choose between royal blue and navy blue in either men's unisex adult or women's slim juniors. 

    Ladies, who you want to wear something that's going to not only going to make you stand out in a crowd, but feel amazing as well? Feast your eyes on our brand new Red White and Boujee women's tank top. Whether you need a small, a large, or a 2XL, this soft cotton racerback tank top is the perfect thing to wear on a hot summer day. Choose between red and royal blue. Now you can show up to the fireworks display and the gym looking fantastic! 

    We would be criminally remiss if we let a blog post go without showing off one of our signature funny maternity shirts! From red white and blue to Red White and Baby, this cute pregnancy tee comes in six comfy sizes ranging from small up through 3XL. Throw in the ruched sides on the ultra soft cotton and you have yourself a patriotic baby bump shirt that is perfect for the Fourth of July holiday weekend!

    Looking for more awesome ideas? Check out all of the amazing new funny t-shirts we have here at CrazyDog. Our selection grows every week, so be sure to check back often. Remember also that there are two different automatic promo codes on our website right now. You can buy one shirt and get the second one half off, or buy two shirts and get two free! It's one of the many ways we here at Crazy Dog work to save our customers money.

    Thanks for checking back with us, and be sure to have an amazing July 4th!

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  2. 5 Funny Maternity Shirts for the Perfect Baby Bump Announcement

    Greetings once again and heartfelt salutations from the best darn funny t-shirt website and blog o the website! Today we're here to talk about the funny maternity shirts and how they can be used to make the perfect baby announcement to your friends and family. Whether you're sending out a card in the mail or planning on making the perfect post on social media, you're going to want to wear something that looks as great as it feels. Today we wanted to show off some of our favorite new pregnancy tees for you. We know how important it is to make the right announcement, which is why we are always working hard to create beautiful new designs for expecting moms like you.

    Let's start off with a particularly clever design that is guaranteed to get some laughs. Our It's Friday Oh Wait I'm Pregnant baby bump tee would be the perfect way to tell the world that you're expecting a new addition to the family right before the weekend kicks off. Like all of the beautiful pregnancy shirts we offer here on our website, this item is made from 100% super soft ringspun cotton, has ruched sides for extra comfort, and comes in sizes small through 3XL.

    What's one thing that everyone going through pregnancy can relate to? Cravings! And what's one thing that's pretty much guaranteed to satiate even the strongest food urges? You guessed it - Tacos! Our cute new My Baby Loves Tacos maternity tee is the perfect design for any expecting mom that wishes they could sink their teeth into a delicious taco right about now. Come to think of it, we wish we could have some tacos right now too. Mmmm...Tacos...

    If you happen to be a pop culture junkie, you'll probably appreciate this new offering. Our super adorable Me & Mini Me design. Whether you're an Austin Powers fan or not, you're going to get a kick out of this design. No matter what your personal style or taste may be, we think you'll agree that this item will go well with just about anything!

    Speaking of 1990's nostalgia, take a look at our hysterical new You're Kickin' Me Smalls tee. Unless you moved to Antartica between 1993 and 2000, you'll know immediately where this one came from! This item is available in six different colors, making it easier than ever to find the perfect look you want.

    Last but not least is cool new I'm So Pregnant maternity t-shirt. The black cotton and large white design certainly gets the point across, doesn't it? This top will look awesome on you whether you're making the announcement for the first time, or just feel the urge to throw a funny picture up on Instagram or Facebook.

    And that's just a small taste of the amazing collection of funny maternity tees that we have on our website. No matter what it is that you have in mind, we're confident that we'll have plenty of options to meet your needs. Be sure to take advantage of the two automatic discount promos that are currently live on our website. For a limited time you can buy one shirt and get a second one half off, or buy two shirts and get two free! If you're looking to save money for your coming bundle of joy but still want to wear adorable and comfortable pregnancy apparel, you've come to the right place.

    Happy Friday!!

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  3. New Funny T-shirts and Cool Tanks for Men & Women This Summer!

    Greetings ladies and gentlemen, and welcome back to the best darn funny t-shirt blog and website on the internet. With summer is fast approaching, we've got some awesome new designs that we think will look fantastic on you and your friends. Whether you're heading out to the beach, a camping trip with friends or family members, or you just want something cool to wear when you head out on the town, we've got a ton of new fashionable items for you to check out. We wanted to show off a few of our favorite new items for you today!

    What's one thing that Summer always calls for? If you said delicious food and drinks, you're a winner. Nothing encapsulates this better than our brand new Tacos and Tequila design. What else could you possibly want? This cool design comes on both funny t-shirts and cool tank tops for women. All three options come in a wide range of sizes and are made of the highest quality ringspun cotton.

    Are you ready for a fun time at the beach? We here at CrazyDog T-shirts certainly are and have been creating a ton of different beach-themed party shirts. The one thing that you need to go to the beach is your squad. Show up in style with this cool Beach Squad graphic text design. Our men's tees come in sizes small through 5XL, and our ladies slim fit (juniors) styles come in small through 2XL. Pretty neat, huh?

    Who likes oranges? How about naked oranges? Either way, you're in good hands with this next funny t-shirt and tank top combo. With four styles available in a myriad of sizes, you'll have no shortage of options whether you're a guy or a girl. One look at our adorably cute Let's Get Naked tee or tank and you'll be giggling for days.

    Anyone else up for a camping trip? One look at our hilarious new Camping is Gay t-shirt is all you'll need to head out to the campgrounds, start a fire, and cook some wieners. The super soft dark heather gray tee will look good with any outfit or ensemble. Now, we're not saying that there will never be a better shirt to snap a selfie in on your next camping trip. All we're saying is that we haven't seen it and don't believe anyone has invented it yet. 

    Whether you're someone who loves to go out and soak up the hot weather or you just want to get a gift for a friend, we think that you'll love the amazing selection of new cool shirts we have here on our website. Not only are our designs unique and our cotton super soft, but our prices simply cannot be beaten. For the immediate future, we are offering a pair of fantastic deals for new and returning customers. Buy one shirt and get a second one-half off, or buy two shirts and get two free! The only way you'll ever do something cooler than that is to wear one of these funny tees out during those good summer times that are fast approaching!

    Happy Thursday!

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  4. 5 Amazingly Funny Father's Day Gifts for Your Dad!

    Greetings and Hello once again boys and girls, and welcome back to the best darn funny t-shirt website and blog on the internet. Today we're here to talk about our collection of cool father's day tees! We all know how difficult it can be to find a great gift for your dad on a normal occasion, let alone the one day of the year that is earmarked for the appreciation of dads. Luckily for you, we've got some fantastic new graphic designs in our collection. The good news is that you've still got time. Father's Day isn't until Sunday, June 18, which means you have two and a half weeks left!

    Are you a regular dad, or a cool dad? If you are indeed a cool dad, you may want to take a peek at this nifty little design, which is available not only on our soft men's tees but tank tops as well! Both of those items come in a ton of different sizes, which is a good thing because most fathers tend to come in different sizes as well!

    Does your family patriarch have a goofy sense of humor? Well then step right up ladies and germs, because our classic World's Greatest Farter Father design is exactly what the comedian ordered! It's a hilarious tee that will make everyone laugh as soon as the guest of honor tries it on. Rubber chicken not included.

    Any parent knows that having children under your roof can be utterly exhausting. If you've ever felt like your batteries are running low, this next cool t-shirt is exactly what you need. Our new Dad Battery Low tee is screen printed on the same high-quality ringspun cotton as every other option you see before you. Not only will it get a laugh, but it will also let your family know just how tired you are.

    And now for the most literal shirt on our website. Feast your eyes on our brand new I Am a Father Like My Father Before Me design. And yes, that's typically how it goes. This delightful science fiction movie parody design is perfect for nerdy guys who want to show off their love of cinema and parenting.

    Are you The Walking Dad? It's a special title reserved for those men who spend a lot of time walking their kids around. It's also one of our favorite new parody graphic designs. Wearing this one to the park or playground is guaranteed to get some laughs from passersby, even if they aren't fans of certain horrifyingly violent yet compelling zombie TV shows. 

    Thanks again for taking the time to check our awesome little website out. If you're the child or spouse of an awesome guy that you want to honor on Father's Day, we know you're going to find something to love here at CrazyDog T-shirts. And to all of you guys out there that just want to get yourself a little something that will display the joy of parenting, go ahead and grab a few for yourself. Don't worry, we won't tell!

    Feel like buying more than one funny shirt online? Our Buy 2 Get 2 Free discount is now automatically taken at checkout!

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