We wanted to start off today's blog post with a huge thank you. By now, thousands of you have ordered and received funny t-shirts as gifts for your friends and loved ones for the holiday season. You've helped to make this into an amazing holiday season from us. Since just before Black Friday, we've been insanely busy, which explains why our blog and social media pages haven't been updated as regularly as normal. We wish we could have talked to you all more over the last month, but we're eternally grateful for your business and support.

Strap yourselves in ladies and germs, because we've got some awesome things in the pipeline for 2016. Ready? Let's go for it!

The first one that we've got for it is our new selection of funny animal t-shirts! Everyone loves animals, don't they? Don't you just wish that you could carry one around in your pocket? Trust us, we know the feeling. That's why we're proud to roll out a brand new series of shirts for 2016 featuring adorable mini animals in shirt pockets. And yes, that's really the best way to describe funny t-shirts like these.


Next up is our super sweet collection of funny Saint Patrick's Day t-shirts. Aside from Christmas and Halloween, Saint Patrick's Day is one of our favorite holidays to make cool shirts for. With the political season truly kicking into high gear, we figured out the best way to make Saint Patrick's Day Great again! Perfect for Trump lovers and haters, don't you think?


 Given that it's winter, we decided that we should get cracking on a few new warm, toasty, and funny hoodies. Okay, they themselves are not actually warm and toasty. However, YOU will be after you put one of them on. While it was a bit of a warm winter to start, we all know that we're going to get wholloped sooner or later. If you want to prepare, make sure that you do so with one of our signature funny hoodies!


And there are many more awesome items on the way. When it comes to being able to buy funny t-shirts online, you should not have to settle for substandard materials, designs, or customer service. Here at CrazyDog T-shirts, we've made it our mission in life to go the extra mile when it comes to making you laugh. After all, if we're not making you laugh, we're not doing our jobs.