We're all familiar with Chipotle at this point, right? Not only does it have one of the best corporate Twitter accounts out there, but it also is just plain awesome. When you combine the amazing flavors with the fact that it's healthier than most other fast food options out there, it's no wonder why people start to salivate at the mention of the restuarant giant. As a matter of fact, many of you might believe that there is nothing more tempting than tacos or a burrito bowl from Chipotle.

Enter our selection of funny men's t-shirts.

Is there someone special in your life that you're desperate to find a gift for? Are you searching for something hilarious to give to a friend, brother, or roomate? Chances are that we've got a cool shirt design or two that will get the job done. Buying funny t-shirts online is quick, easy, and more affordable than most other things out there. And when you see our selection of tees, you will come to the realization that they are indeed more tempting than Chipotle. (Sorry, Chipotle. We still love you!)

 Let's start off with a pair of classics, shall we? One of our favorite all time shirts is dedicated to just about every brother that ever existed. Our World's Okayest Brother tee has been a viral sensation on the internet several times, and continues to be one of our top sellers. This ultra soft cotton tee originally came just in heather grey, but is now available in six other colors as well.



Up next is another fan favorite. For obvious reasons, the people who gravitated towards this item were the type who couldn't resist correcting grammatical errors when they hear them. Yes, everyone thinks your annoying for doing it, but when you can wear something as awesome as our Silently Correcting Your Grammar shirt, who cares?



Are you a sports guy? Whether your love is Basketball, Football, UFC, or the Olympics, you're going to love trying on this brand new Sports I've Heard About It shirt. Screen printed in house on our new super soft tri-blend apparel, this premium tee is as soft and comfortable as it gets. This heather grey shirt will look just as good on its own as it would under an unzipped hoodie or sports jacket. It's awesome, isn't it?

Hey guys, do you love going to the movies? Of course you do! When it comes to blockbuster movies, there is one franchise that dominates all others. Not only has it inspried legions of fan films and books, but it also inspired this new funny t-shirt. Take a look at our brand new Jakku Everyone Wants to Come Back tee. If you don't get this particular reference, you probably weren't alive last December.


 The last piece on our list of the 5 Funny Men's T-shirts More Tempting Than Chipotle was made with video gaming geeks in mind. If you enjoy reminiscing about vintage games, we know that you're going to love our new retro Duck Hunting t-shirt. If you wear this shirt tucked in, you might actually fool a few people into thinking that you're packing a gamer gun controller. Just don't blame us when you get tackled in the airport, okay? We're just in the business of making cool shirts. We aren't here to tell you where to wear them!


Don't worry folks, we don't descriminate. As a matter of fact, most of these designs also come on super soft and comfy women's shirts as well! Before we go, we wanted all of the awesome people over at Chipotle to know that there are no hard feelings. We know how delicious their burritos are, which is why so many of us go there so much. That's why we want to offer you a deal, Chipotlers! Can you imagine how cool it would be to wear one of these Element of Taco t-shirts while on the job? That feeling you just got there? That's real temptation. You know where to find us!


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