Greetings and salutations sniffers, and welcome to another fantastic edition of the CrazyDog T-shirt blog! Today we're going to be showcasing some of our newest items, but with a slight twist. Instead of just being our normal funny t-shirts, these items feature our brand new scented ink! These cool new t-shirt graphic designs are screen printed onto our high quality heather gray tri-blends apparel, which is about as soft and comfortable as it gets.

Just to get it out of the way, you do not have to scratch these shirts to sniff them. We decided to skip the scratch an sniff gimmick. These designs will emit the smell all on their own. We figured you'd want to just walk into a room and have people gradually realize that there is a delicious smell in the air. Take a look at our I Love Coffee t-shirt! As long as you're not walking into a coffee shop, or someplace else where the smell has already permeated the furniture. This fantastic funny t-shirt design comes in our standard men's and women's slim sizes, and is screen printed on our new stock of ultra soft heather grey tri-blend apparel. Mmm...who wants coffee?

Do you have a friend or relative that is a complete and total wine connoisseur? You know the type of individual that we're talking about. Whether it's in a bottle or a box, we think that they'll get a kick out of our I Heart Wine tee with wine scented ink. For the immediate future, this tee is only available in our women's slim style, which as many of you know, fits like a juniors. Check the all mighty size chart before you finalize your purchase if you have any concerns or questions pertaining to fit.

Ladies and gentle-kids, step right up! This new I Heart Strawberries t-shirt uses our new strawberry scented ink, and comes in both our childrens tees and women's slim juniors shirts. In case you were wondering, our kids tees come in sizes small through extra large. Thanks to the fact that they are as soft as they are well-made, they will look amazing on your son or daughter. If you happen to have a boy or girl with a birthday coming up that flips out for strawberries, pat yourself on the back. You just found the ultimate gift!

Do you love beer? Have you ever had the desire to walk around smelling like beer without having to go through all the hassle of getting drunk enough to accidentally spill it on yourself? Perfect, becuase that's what our new I Heart Beer t-shirt is here for. Sorry kids, but this one is not available in our youth sizes. Adult men and women only! Grab one for yourself before you head out to the bar. It will be hysterical to see people try and idenfity where the second beer smell is coming from.

Thank you again for taking a look at our new collection of funny scented ink t-shirts. These amazing new designs are perfect for anyone who loves the idea of a smelly tee, but insists on having those smells be pleasent. Remember, if you're going to buy funny t-shirts online, make sure you do it with a company that gives you high quality merchandise that is inexpensive. Remember, our Buy2Get2 and 20PLEASE promo codes are still active! The first one will give you four crazy items for the price of two, while the second will take 20% off of any order.

Happy smelling!!