Over the past two weeks, Americans all over have been in the grips of one of the worst heat waves in decades. Temperatures and heat indexes are regularly soaring into the triple digits, with tons of humidity thrown on top. It's like all of the sudden the entire country thought it would be a good idea to go ahead and act like Florida.During times like these, it's good to make sure that you are doing all you can to beat the heat. If you're not fortunate enough to have air conditioning in your home, this includes staying in the shade, drinking lots of water, using fans, and wearing clothing that allows you to keep cool. Suffice to say, we won't be plugging any of our funny hoodies in today's blog post, no matter how soft and comfortable they are. As you may have guessed, it's all about the world of cool tank tops!

Because of their construction, our tank tops will allow your skin to breathe like nothing else that we offer. The cotton fabric is lightweight, so no matter what size or style you get, you won't feel like your being weighed down. Nothing is worse than wearing clothing or material that makes you feel like wrapped in heat blanket.

As you can see by looking at the utterly adorable family immediately below, wearing out super soft I Flexed and the Sleeves Fell Off tank, which is made of the highest quality ringspun cotton. This distressed graphic text design is perfect for anyone who loves to work out, show off their bulging biceps, or just stay cool while making people laugh. 



The second item we have for you is our women's terry style Element of Yoga workout tank top. Unlike our standard fitness tank tops, this one is less stretchy. The terry style is designed for women who want to look and feel awesome at the gym, or pilates or yoga studio. The soft orange color is incredibly stylish, and will keep you incredibly cool in the hottest weather.


Feast your eyes on another one of our classic funny tank tops! This classic CrazyDog T-shirts design, while the other one is relatively new. Our fun yellow Suns Out Guns Out tank works for people who love showing off the guns while wearing bright colors. That's pretty much everybody, isn't it?


Next up is our hysterical Dis Booty Tho ladies tank top. Like all of the tanks that we offer, this one comes in sizes small through 2XL. Unlike many of the ones we have for sale on our website, we don't offer this one in our traditional men's fitness style. You guys can go ahead and wear it if you want though. We don't judge! We just wanted to make something that was form-fitting, funny, and ultra comfortable!


Last up in our list of five tank tops that will help you beat the heat is our World's Okayest Muscles design. This amazing tank is perfect for anyone, whether they have big bulging muscles or not. Either way, you'll have no trouble keeping cool with this funny top. Even if you're not in the mood to buy something for yourself, you could score one of these for the moderately muscled friend in your life today whenever the next gift giving occasion comes around.


These amazing designs are just a small portion of what we have for you, so make sure that you take a moment to look around at all of the rest of them we have available. Before you go, make sure that you be sure to use one of our two coupon codes. Our Buy2Get2 makes it possible for you to essentially get four items for the price of two, while our 20PLEASE takes 20% off the top. Feel free to use whichever one allows you to save the most money. Thanks for shopping with us again, and stay cool!