Happy Canada Today and Fourth of July weekend! We're here to show off some of our favorite cool t-shirts that could be used to help celebrate these momentous occasions. We're all about coming up with funny shirts here, and we hope you enjoy some of the items that we've got for you today. Before we get to the tees of the hour, be sure to take advantage of one of our two currnet promo codes. Our Buy2Get2 code allows you to get four shirts for the price of two, while our 20PLEASE code takes 20% off of any order. Please note that these codes cannot be used together, and that you'll need to have all of the items you wish to purchase in your cart before entering them at checkout.

Maybe it's because we're headquartered in Rochester, New York, but we feel a special affinity with our Canadian neighbors. A number of us here love snacking at the local Poutine food truck, and take vacations in nearby cities like Toronto and Montreal. Perhaps it's this proximity that gave us the inspiration for the funny Canada t-shirt that started it all. Feast your eyes on our Canada Eh Team Shirt. This soft, red, ringspun cotton tee comes in sizes small through 5XL. It also comes in sizes small through 2XL in our ladies slim style! 


It might seem weird when your country seems almost entirely made up of really nice people, but there are some out there who will qualify for this funny t-shirt. If you've never seen our World's Okayest Canadian tee before, you're going to love it. Like our "Eh Team" design, this item comes in men's and women's slim styles. It could make the best gift ever for someone who wants to brag about their status as a truly average person from one of the world's happiest nations.


Just ask any Canadian resident, and they'll tell you that they believe this cool shirt to be 100% truthful. Our super cute Canadians Are AmEHzing shirt is not only available for purchase in both of our standard adult styles, but in our kids style as well. Our cute youth shirts come in sizes small through extra large, and should have no trouble fitting your son or daughter comfortably.


Don't worry America! We didn't forget about you. We may be close to Canada, but we're an all-American, red white and blue company. Further on down the blog, we've got some ultra patriotic shirts that we're sure you'll love. First up is our Merica T-shirt. Here you can see the colors of the American flag represneted proudly on a super soft heather grey cotton shirt. Like all of the tees that we sell here at CrazyDog, our designs are cured under extremely high heat after printing. This prevents the ink from rubbing off, fading, or flaking away after one trip through the washing machine.


We would be remiss if we didn't show off one of our brand new funny maternity shirts. Fortunately, we've got our USA Heart Belly Maternity design, which is perfect for America's birthday! Ready to ship today in sizes small through 2XL, this item has ruched sides which will allow the cotton fabric to expand comfortably over your baby bump. Do you know anyone that is looking for a patriotic pregnancy shirt? Look no further!


The last t-shirt on our list is probably the most patriotic thing that anyone has ever created, ever. It's our 3 Eagles American Flag 4th of July tee. The title is a mouthful, but who cares. Try this cool new item on and you'll want to go out and build something, like a deck. Or a battleship. Chat with us people, USA! USA! USA!


Whether you're celebrating Independence Day, Canada Day, or both, we hope you'll do it on one of our awesome designs. No matter it is that you're intent on purchasing, make sure that you take advantage of one of the two coupon codes that we mentioned above. Thanks again for stopping by and reading our blog. Happy Friday!!