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Hello nature lovers! Summer time is almost here, and that means that we are looking forward to hiking, camping, and spending time dancing and bursting into song with all of the animals out there in mother nature. Kinda like a Disney movie, but who cares? Could be cool, as long as no one who likes making fun of us is watching, right? In any event, we've got a ton of new cool t-shirts worth checking out, so make sure that you do!

Our beautiful new Safari Animals Heart T-shirt is our attempt to capture the heart and soul of one of the most amazing places on earth to observe some of the most wild animals that have ever lived. Elephants, crocodiles, hyenas, and more are all laid out in an adorable form that anyone can relate too. Screen printed on super soft cotton, this two color design is 100percent original to our store, and is perfect for any nature lover. Men's, women's slim, and kids style tees are available now.



Up next we have our beautiful new My Heart Belongs to the Ocean Wave shirt, which comes in the same sizes and styles as the previous entry in today's blog. If you love the ocean, you're going to fall in love with this new top. The design is exclusive to CrazyDog, and will instantly charm anyone who sees it. Whether you're passion is fishing, boating, swimming, surfing, or study, we have no doubt that you'll find beauty in this one.


Do you like bears? Whether you're a casual bear fan, or you're at the level of Dwight K. Schrute, you'll probably love our new The World is Yours Bear tee.  We personally think that this one would be a fantastic gift for anyone who loves bears and animals. It could also work for mega-fans of the 1988 film The Bear. If you can bear it. Get it? We think you'll love wearing it too!


Some people love to hang out in the wilderness. Others prefer to truly stay wild. Our awesome new Stay Wild Deer Antlers design is the perfect cool t-shirt for anyone who wishes that they never had to leave the spectacle of mother nature. This super cute deer antlers design will look good on guys and girls alike, even if they're not particular fans of natures runway models. From hunters to wildlife activists, we think that this funny t-shirt has almost universal appeal. 


The fifth tee we've got for you today is our cute new Explore More Pines and Mountains graphic design. It's a cool shirt that's designed for hikers. Some people love to spend their free time on nature trails. Others love to go climbing on a mountain covered with trees to see what they fan find. It's peaceful, comforting, and incredible exercise. The wonderful green ringspun cotton is not only incredibly evocative of nature, but very soft to the touch. All of our tees are designed to fit like a comfortable, worn-in vintage shirt. The only difference is ours are far more durable!


Last but not least is our gorgeous new Good Vibes Only Floral t-shirt. For the record, this beautiful design is also available on one of our super soft maternity shirts! Who says that you have to let all of those negative nancy's and debbie downers rain on your parade? With this new festive look, you'll have no trouble spreading good vibes everywhere you go. Grab one of these cool tees for yourself today!


And there are plenty more where those came from! No matter what your tastes may be, what kind of sense of humor you may have, or how you like to construct an outfit, we have something for everybody. Whatever you decide to buy, make sure that you use the aforementioned Buy2Get2 promo code. You'll thank us in the morning!

Thanks again for making CrazyDog T-shirts the best place to buy funny t-shirts online!