You know what people always seem to forget about? Thanksgiving! It's the most widely celebrated holiday in the United States, so why does it seem like it zips by faster and faster each year? As far as wel can tell, Thanksgiving is the ugly duckling that is wedged in between two glamorous runway model-like holdiays. First there's Halloween, which gives people an excuse to party, dress up, and take their little ones out for some trick-or-treating. Afterwards comes Christmas, which is a time for renewal, gift giving, and tons of time off work.

We here at CrazyDog T-shirts don't want to forget about a day that is all about being thankful. In addition that that, it also gives us an excuse to spend time with our friends and family members before we stampeed the doors at the local WalMart in search of that flat screen TV we've been hoping for. Kind of ironic, isn't it? One moment, you're raising a glass in the spirit of togetherness, and the next you're fully capable of running over someone (preferably a stranger) in the pursuit of high end electronic merchandise.

In anticipation of all that, we'd like to propose an alternative! Instead of beating the everliving heck out of one another, we shoudl all be focusing on making each other laugh. And what's one of the best ways to do that? Why, with the aid of funny t-shirts, of course!

What's one of the first things that eveyrone wishes they could have during Thanksgiving dinner? The answer of course is Pumpkin Pie. The universal favorite (we're just going to go ahead and assume that for all of you) is one of the best desserts ever. If you have a young one living under your roof that cannot wait until they can dive into the pi, we suggest checking out our classic Pumpkin Pi Thanksgiving youth t-shirt. Combining pumpkins and math, it's sure to be a hit for any kid who loves dessert and puns.


Speaking of the amazingly wonderful orange food, there is far more available to us than a simple (but delicious) pie these days. If you so much as look at a coffee shop during the fall season, you've probably seen oodles of pumpkin spice fans flocking to the front of the line, waiting for their daily fix. That's why we came up with our brand new He Who Controls The Pumpkin Spice Controls The World design. Pretty sweet, isn't it?


Next up we've got a funny t-shirt that could work well whether it is worn on Thanksgiving, Christmas, or anywhere in between. It's our fantastic new Food Coma in Process tee! The colors may allude more to Christmas, but the message rings true for any holiday dinner.


Thank you all for checking out our special Fall season blog today! Remember, if you need cool t-shirts, hoodies, and tank tops, CrazyDog T-shirts is the place to come and find them. No matter what time of year it is, or what kind of things you happen to find funny, we're confident that we'll have something that will fit both your body and personality. Until next time, keep calm and Thanksgiving on!