Hello everyone, and welcome back to our daily blog! Today is National Running Day, so we decided that it'd be a great idea to have a little bit of fun with some of our many pieces of running apparel. We understand that fitness culture is huge right now, so we wanted to take time and show off some of our new favorites! Let's start off with one of our classic t-shirts, shall we?

If you've ever tried to go running, you know that a little motivation is all you need to start running. But imagine if that motivation came in the form of Raptors, such as those seen in the trailers for the upcoming Jurassic World. You'd certainly be running then, wouldn't you?


You know what else makes people want to run? Zombies. Yes, those creepy slow (or fast, depending on the franchise) walkers can be mighty terrifying. Of course, we don't look at thing in terms of whether they are scary or not when it comes to our running gear. We think of how awesome it's going to make you look. See this ladies tank top here? That's what we're talking about!


Rather than go with a funny option for our third and final selection, we decided to go with something a bit more fashionable. Below you'll find our Motion Yoga tank top. And yes, just because we call it a yoga top doesn't mean that you couldn't wear it while running. Trust us, this bright green beauty will look awesome on you as you cross the finish line!


Thanks to all of you who took the time to read our blog today! Happy running, and happy t-shirt and tank top wearing! Toodles!