If you're at all a fan of big summer blockbusters, you may have heard about how the marketing teaming behind the upcoming Jurassic World unveiled a bunch of new dinosaurs that fans can expect to see in the film! These dinosaurs include the Apatosaurus, Ankylosaurus, Pteranodon, Dimorphodon and several others. And then of course there is the brand new hybrid predator that they created in that lab. (Cue the 40's music sting...)

While those all sound like cool animals, we wanted to roll out some of our favorite dinosaur-themed t-shirts that we've got here on our website. One of the first ones that we wanted to show off to you is a spin off of our popular Ask Me About My T-Rex flip shirt. This new flip tee, titled Ask Me Why I Dig Fossils. Check it out!

Of course, we don't know where movies like Jurassic World might go. While most people assume that the video will stay in the park the entire time, we have an outside theory we'd like to bounce off of you. What if it ends up with dinosaurs in space? Think about it! There's Mr. T-Rex, in his space suit, taking a walk around the space station. Let's just hope that he doesn't have to hold onto too many tools with his tiny little arms!

Finally, we have a shirt for the all of the kids out there! This new one not only has an adorable little T-Rex on the front, but it also has an equally cute tail on the back. Just look at it. You'd have to go to our maternity and kids section to find something that freaking cute!

Not bad, eh? We would have loved it if the people that made Jurassic World had returned our phone calls, but oh well! Their loss!

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