Lock the doors and hide the children, because it's time for all of the dedicated shoppers in the world to wage war!!! Actually, it's really close to Black Friday and Cyber Monday, which for the most diehard shoppers of the year is kind of like a battle. At the very least you've probably seen what amounts to a battle cry when you check out those videos on YouTube of people Godzilla-ing their way into the nearest WalMart.

Luckily for you, we have a way for you to score some awesome deals while simultaneously avoiding the hazardous shopping conditions. We wanted to tell you not only about our Buy2Get2 promo code, but some of the newest funny t-shirts that are now available on our website!

If you enter our exclusive Buy2Get2 promo code, and you have four shirts in your cart, you will receive two of the shirts for free! Pretty sweet, isn't it? Even if you're not ordering four of our funny t-shirts, you will still be able to save money. As long as there are four different items in your cart, the cost of two tees will be removed from your total after you enter in that promo code.

Now then, on with the show!

The first new item that we're eager as a beaver to show off to you is one of the news in our long line of Ugly Christmas Sweater Shirts. Not only is it festive, but it is also for those of you who happen to enjoy a glass of wine around the holidays. If our suspicions are correct, that may account for quite a few of you. Behold our brand new Wine Bottle Ugly Christmas sweater shirt! Pretty tasty looking, isn't it?


Another fantastically fun design that we wanted to show off to all of you awesome Crazy Dogs is something that reminds us of what it used to be like back in our school days. Now, we realize that many of you may still be students yourselves, either in high school or college. That's perfect! Heck, even if you're a teacher or professor, we think you'll enjoy this new design. It's our No Homework Today Teacher Quote design. It's the epitome of beauty in simplicity, don't you think?


The third cool t-shirt that we want to share with you today is perfect for anyone that is fans of a certain science fiction franchise that is sure to be dazzling audiences come December. Oh come on, how do you not know what it is? Oh well, just take a look at our If You Disagree I'll Use the Force tee.


Last but not least is our T-Rex Hates Working Out design. As you can see, a big and powerful jaw is no help if you have teeny tiny little arms. As a matter of fact, push ups were more of a hazard to the T-Rex than a ticked off Ankylosaurus. No need to fact check us there, Mr. Ombudsman. You can just go ahead and take our word for it! Like many of the cool t-shirts that we offer here at CrazyDog T-shirts, this design is available in men's, women's, and youth sizes!



Thanks for taking the time to check us out once again, and be sure to put our Buy2Get2 promo code to work! Happy Tuesday, and happy shopping!