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Hello ladies and germs! Now that we're heading into the second half of March, the entire country is about to experience a near constant onslaught of superhero movies at the box office. It starts next week with the hotly anticipated Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, with Captain America: Civil War and X-Men: Apocalypse coming in several weeks later. Summer blockbuster season has been completely taken over by comic book movies, and we couldn't be happier. Not only do we have lots of fun watching them, but  we also have a blast creating funny parody t-shirts that are inspired by them.

 Before you go see Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice next week at theaters, you'll want to make sure that you're dressed properly in our super soft attire. Check out our amazing new Element of Kryptonite shirt. If you want to get a huge laugh from people while you're waiting in line to see your movie, see if you can stand next to someone wearing next to a Superman shirt. If they act like they're getting weaker, you automatically get a million points! 


You know who else is going to be in this film? The Dark Knight himself, Batman. Our classic Element of Darkknightium is back, and it's ready to be worn by all of you awesome fans! This is one of the best designs that we came out with last year, and is perfect for any die hard comic book nerd. Are you interested in fighting crime? Well, be careful, because it can be kinda dangerous. You'll be much safer if you just wear one of these cool t-shirts.


We hate to beat a dead horse (or is it Bat?), but we're going to give you one more design inspired by the DC Trinity. It's our fantastic new One Workout Closer to Becoming Batman fitness tank top. Available in five different sizes and screen printed on our super soft ringspun cotton that everyone knows and loves, this is the perfect workout tank top to show up to the gym in. Everyone knows that Bruce Wayne is sickingly in shape, right? Just don't be surprised if anyone guesses your secret identity when you try this bad boy on, okay?


Last but not least, we wanted to take you back to our Element of Adamantium tee. This item comes in three different styles. Why? Because everyone loves Wolverine, that's why! Whether you need a men's (unisex), a youth, or a women's slim fit tee, you're going to have no trouble finding something that will fit you properly. Like all of the other items on this blog post, this one is guaranteed to get some fantastic accolades when you're out in public. Heck, we've tried it on, and we can't stop complimenting it in front of the mirror!



 A heartfelt thanks to each and every single one of you for taking the time to check out today's blog. If you're looking to look awesome the next time you to go watch a superhero movie at the theater, we hope you'll come by and check out our awesome selection of tees. We're adding new ones all of the time, so make sure that you check back often! Remember to also make use of our fantastic Buy2Get2 promo code! Happy Friday!!!