At the start of 2015, we started introducing dozens of new products to our website. Many of these were naturally featured around holidays, including Valentine's Day, Saint Patrick's Day and Easter. We also rolled out a number of new designs for our maternity and infant lines.

One thing we couldn't resist making more of are our signature flip up t-shirts. These funny and fashionable pieces of apparel are one of the big things that brought us to the dance. If you've been following us at all on social media over the last year, you've probably seen a number of our fans showing them off for us.

See what we mean?

We've introduced a number of new flips over the last few weeks, and have already received a great deal of positive response. In case some of you haven't seen them yet, we wanted to take some time today and show off a few of the new favorites. These three new products have been well received by both our customers, and us here in the office.

The first newbie we wanted to share with you is our Ask Me About Hillary flip up tee. Whether you're a fan of the presumptive 2016 front runner for the democratic nomination for president, or you can't stand her, we're betting that you'll have plenty of opportunities to have fun with this one.

While some people may think of this tee as somewhat controversial, it's a lot nicer than what TIME Magazine did to her. See?

Moving right along, we wanted to add another flip up to our popular dinosaur line. Our venerable Ask Me About My T-Rex flip has been a fan favorite for years, and we wanted to expand upon this idea with our new Ask Me Why I Dig Fossils shirt. That's right! We're giving you the chance to be either a living Tyrannosaurus Rex, or a dead one. We're all about diversity here at CrazyDog T-shirts!


The last one we wanted to show off to you is one of the most colorful flips that we've ever designed. It's not just good, it's grrrreat! Get it? It's our new Ask Me About My Tiger shirt. The only suggestion that we'd make is that you try and refrain from flipping it up at the zoo. Lord only knows how those poor monkeys will react when they see a big ferocious tiger near their cage!

Thank you all very much for checking us out again! Be sure to check back regularly on our website and social media accounts for updates, contests, giveaways and more! Thank's again, and remember, keep calm and flip up your shirt!