Greetings one and all, and welcome back to the best darn funny t-shirt website and blog on the internet! Here at Crazy Dog T-Shirts, we're constantly rolling out new hilarious t-shirts for our wonderful customers (pssst, that's you), to enjoy. We come up with new designs and create these t-shirts so fast that it can sometimes seem like magic. Well, it is a little like magic, but the process is technically called Silk Screen Printing (or just Screen Printing for short). Today, we're going to give you a quick run-through of the screen printing process. This way, whether you purchase an original design from our website or are creating your own custom t-shirt, you'll have an idea what the little Crazy Dog elves are doing behind the scenes to make you the best quality shirt money can buy!


Whether it's our design or yours, it all starts with art. We take the artwork and prepare it on the computer to ensure the highest quality design. Once the art is approved and complete, the film gets printed.

Original Art and Printed Film

Original Art and Film

Ok, we have the film printed. Now what?


The printed film is laid flat on a screen, which has light sensitive emulsion allowing your art to be exposed onto it. Once the art is on the screen it is put into an exposure unit. 

Exposure Unit

        Exposure Unit

Placing the Film

Placing the Film on the Screen

After Exposure Unit

Finished Screen on Exposure Unit

Once the screen comes off the exposure unit, we rinse the emulsion to reveal the image. We then let it dry and it is ready to go to the printer!

Rinsing the Emulsion 


The screen is mounted onto a t-shirt and your image is printed with ink and downward pressure from the squeegee. It is then placed into a dryer to set the design and VOILA! Your brand new t-shirt is printed and ready to be packed into our beautiful Crazy Dog bags and delivered to your front door!

Place the Screen on the Printer

Place the Screen on the Printer

Squeegee the Screen

Squeegee the Screen

Blank Shirt on Printer

Blank Shirt on the Printer

Print on Shirt

Print on Shirt

Printed Shirts on the Dryer

Freshly Printed Shirts on the Dryer

Dried Shirts

Freshly dried shirts

Finished T-Shirt

Your Brand New Screen Printed T-Shirt!

So there's your sneak peek into the crazy world of screen printing! Of course, the process gets a little more complicated depending on the complexity of the design, the colors, the quantity of shirts, etc, but those are the basics! Now every time you put on your favorite Crazy Dog Tee, or when you design your own custom shirt, you'll be able to perfectly envision what goes into creating that one piece of sartorial perfection.  

Are you as obsessed with screen printing as we are now? Wikipedia has even more information. You're welcome.

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