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As long as people keep producing beautiful babies, we will keep making amazing designs to go over your baby bump! There have been numerous studies over the years that have shown how being pregnant, while an amazing and wonderful process, can have some negative side-effects on the mother, especially when it comes to her self-esteem and confidence. Not every woman comes across as genetically flawless as the models in television commercials do, and it's perfectly normal to feel self-conscious when you're dealing with a rapidly changing body, stretch marks, raging hormones, and exhaustion.

We don't want you to think that we're trying to come off like we've come up with the cure for insecurity and low self-esteem. (If we did, we'd be putting out a press release. Not a blog!) One of the reasons that we put so much time and effort into our funny maternity shirts is because of the fact that we have mothers who work here. We know the kind of toll it takes. That being said, we also know how much fun it can be to wear something that is not only amazing, but will look amazing on you!

That is something that our pregnancy tees can do. With a mixture of super soft ringspun cotton and ruched sides, our shirts are designed to fit your unique frame and bump perfectly. Take a look at our brand new Blue and Pink Hand Prints design, which is perfect for moms who are having twins. Don't worry, we also made similar tees with just blue and just pink hand prints as well. No matter what the gender of your baby will be, we think you'll love wearing of these to show it off.


While some women don't mind people touching their baby bumps to see if they could feel a kick, others get really uncomfortable when people presume. That's why we came up with our funny Do Not Touch maternity shirt design. Like every other baby bump tee we sell on our website, this white cotton shirt comes in sizes small through 2XL. Whether you yourself are the mommy-to-be, or you have someone in your life who is pregnant and would love to wear something clever, we suggest you give this one a go. Not only is it super cute, but it will help give others the message without having to make things awkward! 


One of the best ways that people can make a stressful situation easier is to make light of it through humor. Below you'll see one of our newest text designs, which simply reads Oops...Forgot to Take My Pill. Seriously, who wouldn't get a laugh out of this one? While available in all the same sizing options as our other designs, this shirt comes in two different colors. Customers will be able to choose between a white shirt with black ink, or a navy shirt with white ink!


Thanks to each and every one of you who took the time to check out our latest blog. Whether you're looking for a beautiful maternity shirt, or you want to give a great gift to the lucky lady in your live before she begins to show, we think you'll love all of the options that we have to offer. Remember to make use of that amazing promo code we wrote out at the top of this page. After all, you can never have enough comfortable tops to wear throughout your pregnancy!