Love them or hate them, superheroes are everywhere in 2015! Some of may be sick of them, but the rest of us cannot get enough. Now, if you're one of those crafty little reddit comment trolls, don't worry. We're not here to pick sides or start a debate. All we are here today is to show off just how much we love heroes as well. 

Whether you want to be a hero, or you just want to show off your favorite one, we are here to help you out! It doesn't matter if you're Team Marvel, Team DC, or something else entirely. Chances are, we've got something that will not only look amazing and feel comfortable on you, but will also give you the perfect uniform if you decide to step up and fight crime. Well, not realy crime. We don't want you getting hurt or anything like that. Maybe you could start with a cat in a tree or something like that.

 Let's start with a classic, shall we? Below you will see our Element of Darkknightium design, perfect for the masked vigilante in all of us. This super soft ringspun cotton tee comes in both men's and ladie's slim styles. Our men's style tees are typically available in sizes small through 5XL, and our ladies tees go up to 2XL.


Of course, there are other heroes out there with far greater powers. Sadly, these abilities often come with a price, which is often a very specific weakness. We decided that one of these would make a perfect cool t-shirt. What do you think? Pretty sweet, isn't it? On the downside, you're kind of broadcasting your weakness to every potential evil villain. Unless of course, you're not really vulnerable to the Element of Kryptonite, which means you're conducting an awesome fake out! Yeah!!


Moving across the aisle, how cool would it be to cover yourself in adamantium? Well, before you get your hopes up, we think that you should know we're not talking about actually grafting it to your bones. We're talking about covering yourself in one of our newest funny t-shirts for men and women. It's our Adamantium Element design!


 The for the last in our elemental superhero design, we wanted to show off a classic. Given the fact that comic books and super heroes have been around in mass print since the late 1930's, we're surprised it took a couple of decades for someone to incorporate the idea of surfing into them. Luckily for awesome customers like you, we think that we captured the spirit of this one with our Silver Surfer Element t-shirt. Not only is it a fantastic original design, but it's made with our signature metallic ink!


Funny t-shirts like these are almost as awesome as the beloved heroes that they are parodying. Whether you are dying to become a hero yourself, or you just want to show off your team colors the next time you head off to either San Diego or New York City Comic-Con, we're here to help you out with our awesome apparel. Come and get it, fellow geeks! Cool t-shirts for all!