(UPDATE: Several of these designs have been discontinued. Those that are still on sale still have active links.)

 Greetings and a happy Monday salutations to each and every one of you! Today we're here to talk to you about one of the biggest video games ever to circle the globe. If you've been living under a rock for the past two weeks, we're talking about Pokémon Go, a spin off from the Pokémon pop culture phenomenon of the late 90's.

Whenever a huge thing like this comes along, we here at Crazy Dog T-shirts like to see what we can come up with. Whether we're poking fun at something or showing off our true love for it, we always do it because we're just trying to give everyone a chuckle. Today we're going to show you a number of our favorite funny video game t-shirts, while also reminding you that our Buy2Get2 promo code is still active and ready to be taken advantage of. As long as you have all four items in your cart, this coupon code will remod the average price of two tees.

 Have you wanted to keep one of those handy dandy balls in your pocket in case you need it? If so, you're going to love this new item. Our fantastic Pocket Ball Gaming t-shirt is for sale in six different sizes, and has a real pocket in the front. If you're looking for a fantastic, well-made gift for a certain gamer geek, this new shirt should be at the top of your list!


Have you reached the level of Master yet? If so, you should check out our brightly colored, brand new Master Gaming t-shirt. This funny t-shirt comes in small through 5XL in our men's adult tees, and S-2XL in our women's slim fit. If you're looking to buy funny t-shirts online to feed your unquenchable thirst for new video game merch, we hope you consider this one!

 To paraphrase a wise movie character from the 90's that we all loved, masters get remembered, but legends never die. It is with that thought that we introduce you to our new Legendary Gaming t-shirt. This cool shirt comes in all of the same sizes and styles as the previous entry, except this one is printed on a bright white ringspun cotton shirt. Get one of these for yourself before you go out hunting in the hip part of your neighborhood again!

People who are truly obsessed with this new game craze are taking their competitiveness to the next level. Perhaps it's best embodied on our super soft tri-blend Going Hard Gaming t-shirt. While our signature ringspun cotton has always been among the softest money can by, this new apparel takes comfort  to the next level. Best of all, it comes in all of the same sizes. Just like the standard shirts, our men's items fit like a standard unisex, and our women's slim fit like a juniors.


The fifth and finaly cool shirt design that we've got for you in today's blog post joins our already popular section of funny maternity shirts, and is poised to be a hit for any mom who is obsessed with video games. Our brand new Belly Ball Gaming maternity t-shirt is perfect for any expecting mom, and is designed to fit your baby bump comfortably. The super soft cotton tee comes in five different sizes, and has ruched sides that will provide you with even more comfort.


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