Are you looking for something fun to wear on Cinco de Mayo? Luckily for you, we happen to have tons of cool and original designs that are now live on the New section of CrazyDog T-shirts. You know what else is awesome? The fact that you can get four shirts for the price of two! All an awesome customer like you has to do is enter our Buy2Get2 coupon code at checkout, and you'll get the price of two tees deducted instantly! Think about it! You could have FOUR of these awesome shirts sent to you today for the price of two! Why buy just for yourself when you can get one for every member of your crew!?

One of our favorite wants to celebrate things is to make you laugh. If you've ever spent more than three seconds on the internet, you know just how funny cats can be. Feast your eyes on our brand new Cinco de Meow Cinco de Mayo shirt! Get it? Meow? This soft grey shirt has an original design that is completely unique to our website, and comes on our super soft ringspun cotton tees. We can guarantee you that you will feel great in our apparel!


Do you love celebrating on May 5th with a little salt and lime? Who doesn't, right? If you know how to put each into your favorite drink in the right amounts, you're going to have a fantastic time. Our new When is Cinco de Mayo? Salt and Lime tee is the perfect thing to show up to the bar with. This unique, understated design is easy to read, and again printed on our soft cotton. It's also a perfect thing for bartenders and servers to wear!


Next up is our newest PSA. It's our Say No to Drugs & Si to Cindo de Mayo! We here at CrazyDog T-shirts do not condone drugs, but we do condone having a great time on May 5th. It's one of the coolest days of the years to party it up. Please drink and dress responsibility. The first one is on you, but the second one is something that we're happy to help with. Seriously, how amazing is this funny t-shirt?


The final cool shirt that we're going to show off to you is perfect for anyone who has a great sense of humor, and loves to get groans out of their audience. This is one of the best pun filled tees that we have come up with in months. Our super cool Cinco de Mayonnaise Cinco de Mayo t-shirt design. As you can see, this item comes in men's, ladies slim, and youth styles. (For the record, most of our tees do!) A product of our experts in the art department, this simple yet effective concept is going to get more than a few angsty moans from people who lay their eyes on it. Remember, if we're not making you laugh, we're not doing our job very well. Groans also count. 


While Cindo de Mayo is still over a month away, it's never too early to start planning! If you know someone who happens to be looking for something cool to wear, make sure that you tell them about us! We're happy to help! Be sure to come back and read our blog often, because you never know what else we will be putting up for sale. Thanks for reading, and remember to use our Buy2Get2 coupon code on the checkout page!