Okay everyone. Grab a chair and sit down. You can hold hands if you need to. This is a safe place, and no one will judge you if you break down and cry. Some of us have done plenty of it all ready.

You'd think the age of Game of Thrones that we would get used to getting our hearts ripped out of our chests. Sadly, The Walking Dead just HAD to go and raise the bar another notch. There we were, still giddy after watching Carol raise to the top of team badass, and then they go ahead and do this to us. We could live with Morgan being a bit of a buzzkill(er), and with Daryl being put on the backburner temporarily. But THIS!? This is unforgivable.

Oh who are we kidding. We'll be back to take more abuse next week. It's still the best show on cable, and as long as they keep making it, we'll keep loving it. That's why we have put so much energy over the years into trying to capture the horror of zombies in a fun an entertaining way on our t-shirts. With Halloween coming up in a few days, we've got a couple of funny zombie t-shirts that we wanted to show off for you.

The first one we've got for you is our classic Ask Me About My Zombie Disguise flip shirt. Pretty cool, isn't it? Once someone reads the front and asks, all you have to do is flip it up and start asking like a zombie!


Flip shirt zombies can be anywhere. In fact, we had one interrupt a video shoot the other day when we were trying to promote some of our awesome Halloween tees. Check it out here:



You know what else is popular nowadays? Squad! We thought that we would combine walkers and squads in a way that has never been done before. We know that breaking new ground is risky, but we decided to take that risk for all of you! Take a look at our adorable new Zombie Squad t-shirt. Adorable, isn't it?


Thanks for reading our blog again! Remember, if you want to check out all of our tees that play off of the latest in the world of undead flesh eating monsters, all you need to do is click the link above. There's still time to get a few cool t-shirts before Halloween gets here, so make sure to act fast. Happy Monday!!