Greetings and salutations once again people, and welcome back to the CrazyDog blog! Today we're here to talk about some of our awesome new Father's Day t-shirt designs! Each of the cool t-shirts that you'll see here are designed to not only get a laugh out of your dad, but to make him feel good as well. Tailored to fit like a standard men's or unisex style tee, these designs are available to purchase today in sizes ranging from small through 5XL. As for the apparel itself? It's the same ultra soft ringspun cotton that you've come to expect from us!

Before we get to the list, we wanted to remind you to use one of our awesome promo codes. If you are looking to get several items, make sure you use code Buy2Get2 at checkout. With that code, you can get four cool t-shirts for the price of two. Just make sure you have all four of the items in your cart, or the code won't work. Looking to get just one or two funny shirts? Use code 20PLEASE. That will take 20percent off of your entire order!

Why do we choose to shower you with funny merchandise and promotional codes? Because we believe that shopping online should not be a chore, or a hassle. If you're going to buy funny t-shirts online for Father's Day -or any other special occasion- we want you to know that coming to use means it will be a simple, enjoyable, and rewarding experience!

Not a Regular Dad Cool Dad

Some of us had regular dads, and some of us have cool dads! As you can see from the original text design, this fantastically funny t-shirt is suitable only for the coolest dads out there! Maybe it's the sunglasses on the 'O,' or maybe it's the fact that the design is screen printed onto our signature royal blue. Either way, we're proud of this one, and know that your father will be too. Grab this one or the equally cool tank top version for Father's Day today!


Best Cat Dad Ever

Who says that over-the-top cat lovers are only women? We know for a fact that there are plenty of dads who love their kitty cat, and have no problem showing it off to the world. Rather than having to pay more for a women's shirt that you may (but probably won't) be able to pass off as a guys shirt, we decided to make an inexpensive alternative designed for guys that is still as high quality as anything else out there on the internet. When you make the choice to buy funny t-shirts online, you shouldn't ever have to worry about whether or not you'll be throwing your money away on something cheap. You definitely won't be with us.


Dad Has Duct Tape

Where would dad be without duct tape? Not much probably, since duct tape happens to be the best possible cure for everything. If your old man is one of the more handy people in the neighborhood, we think that they'll love this as a gift. Whether you're looking to buy funny t-shirts online for father's day, a birthday, Christmas, or some other fun holiday, we have plenty of amazing items to choose from!


 Dad Jokes Rock

Have you ever heard a dad joke? If you have, you'd probably know it. They're some of the worst, most embarrassingly bad jokes out there. Some people might give you a mild mercy laugh, but most of the time you'll have no trouble hearing a pin drop after you utter one. If you're dad has a bunch of horrid jokes in his arsenal, chances are he'll love receiving this cool t shirt as a gift.


No More Dad Jokes

The antidote to date jokes. Unlike other items on this list, this one also comes in our women's slim fit and youth styles. Perfect for families that want to save themselves and everyone within earshot of some awful dad jokes!

Thank you for taking the time once again to check out the official CrazyDog Blog. While there are still several weeks to go until Father's Day arrives, Mother's Day will soon by upon us. Luckily for you, we have a ton of awesome funny Mother's Day tees to choose from. No matter what kind of sense of humor the mom and dad that you have in mind may have, we're sure that we've got something perfect for them. Remember to use one of the two coupon codes we listed above, and happy shopping!