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Last night the country watched in amazement as their social media newsfeeds lit up like a roman candle. Donald Trump once again steamrolled over his opponents to become to presumptive nominee for the Republican Party. Once again, the Donald was underestimated by all of the expert pundits and politicians. You know who didn't underestimate him? Us. We knew immediately after putting out our first funny t-shirt spoofing him that this was a phenomenon. Love him or hate him, he's a force to be reckoned with, and so is our growing collection of funny political t-shirts.

Can't Stump The Trump

If there was one rallying cry that his supporters clung to, it was "Can't Stump the Trump." From the endless waves of adoring fans at his rallies to the hysterical videos featuring Diamond & Silk on YouTube, the chants were everywhere. Some people think this image is adorable, while others might want to wear it to be sarcastic and ironic. Either way, we're happy to help you get some laughs. Remember folks, if we here at CrazyDog T-shirts aren't making you laugh, we're not doing our jobs.


Make Tank Tops Great Again

Just because we've got the word "T shirts" in our name doesn't mean that we don't like to branch out into other areas. Take a look at our Make Tank Tops Great Again fitness tank. This item is make of the same soft ringspun cotton that our tees are made of, and comes in a wide range of sizes. It's also available in men's and women's slim styles. Not only will you be one of the coolest looking people at the gym, but one of the funniest as well!


Make Father's Day Great Again

You don't want to forget about your old man for Father's Day, do you? Between you and us, we think that this funny t-shirt is one of the best gifts for dad that you could give. The original parody graphic design is screen printing here in our Rochester, New York headquarters on super soft ringspun cotton apparel. Not only is it soft, but durable as well. Whether your dad is a retired couch potato, or they spend the majority of their time working outdoors, this shirt will be with them for the long haul.



Make Sandwiches Great Again

Who's hungry? We certainly are after looking at this one. We know that Donald Trump wants to make America great again, but what about sandwiches? Imagine how dedicated this guy would be if he ran something as simple as a sandwich shop. Trust us on this one folks, those sandwiches would be the most grandiose, extravagant meals to ever come from behind a deli counter. And we're pretty sure the Trump brand logo would be on the bread as well.


Make America Grate Again

 Is it possible that we've all been misreading his message from the beginning? What if Donald doesn't want to make the country great again? What if he's just really against pre-shredded cheese? How utterly hysterical would it be if one of his major initiatives in his first 100 days was a cheese grater in every household. We can totally see it, which is why we came up with this new funny Donald Trump shirt.



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Happy Wednesday!