Greetings and salutations once again everyone, and welcome back to the CrazyDog Blog again on this awesome Monday morning. We're here to talk about cool Father's Day t-shirts, which can make some of the best gifts for dad. There is nothing better than giving a parent a fantastic present, and we're here to help you make it that much easier. Rather than rummaging around at some bargain store or outlet mall two hours away, we give you the option to buy funny t-shirts online from the comfort of your own home.

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For the dad that loves to go hunting, we are particularly fond of our new Payback Time Deer Hunting Full Camouflage Print t-shirt. This item is available in a standard unisex style, and comes in sizes small through 2XL. Whether your dad is a fan of rifles, shotguns, or an old fashioned bow and arrow, he's going to appreciate the humor in this original design. As an extra added bonus, this funny t-shirt for dads also works if the dad is against hunting, and wishes that the deer would get a shot at revenge. We like to serve all audiences here!



In keeping with the full camouflage print style, we wanted to show off our awesome new Army Dad design. This original text graphic is perfect for dads who are incredibly proud of their son or daughter that is serving their country. Just like the previous entry on this list, this item comes in sizes small through 2XL, and is made of an ultra soft cotton polyester blend. Thanks to our high quality heat curing process, the design will not fade or flake after a few trips through the washing machine!


Switching gears a bit, we're going to talk about those dads who love nothing more than sitting back and watching one of their favorite sports teams. Behold our Vintage Sports Text t-shirt! There are a few awesome things about this one, starting with the retro styling. A number of dads today grew up in the sixties or seventies, and even if they didn't, they probably had a father or uncle that did. This cool t-shirt for dads comes in sizes small through 2XL, and is available on our men's modern adult fitted shirts. It also comes in our ladies slim fit as well, if you happen to think mom and dad should celebrate the sports together!


If there's one thing we here at CrazyDog T-shirts, we are on a mission to Make Father's Day Great Again. In order to achieve this goal, we've enlisted some top level help! This cool parody design takes a candidate who defied all the odds, pundits, and experts, became his parties nominee, and puts him on the task of making Father's Day great! Whether your dad is a fan of Donald Trump or not, we have a feeling they're going to get a ton of laughs out of this one!


Last but not least, we've got a funny t-shirt for dads that have a great sense of humor. Well, great is a relative term. Okay, take this shirt however you will. It's our super funny Dad's Jokes Rock design! Some dads have the wit and timing of all of the greatest stand up comedians. Others, not so much. Whether your dad could have fit in on an episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000, or he tells jokes that would make the cast of Sesame Street groan in agony, we think that they will love wearing this spectacular tee around.


No matter what kind of style or tastes your dad happens to have, we think that they'll love wearing one of our amazing Father's Day shirts. Remember, with our promo codes and different shipping options, there's no reason you shouldn't be able to get the item of your choice shipped to you in time. Don't leave your old man out in the cold on June 19th! Grab him one of our soft and stylish funny t-shirts today! Happy Monday!