With the official start of summer nearly upon us, we here at CrazyDog T-shirts decided it was a god time to show off some of our newest cool t-shirts for kids! We have a massive line of funny kids shirts, and thought it would be a great time to introduce you to some of our newest items today.

Shopping for a young son or daughter is not always easy. Every little kid wants to look unique, which is one thing that our original graphic designs can do with ease. We offer a wide variety of kids tees that cannot be found anywhere else. Today we're proud to show you five different items that will look awesome on any kid out there. Whether you're shopping for a birthday, or you want to get your child something fun to wear now that the nice weather is here, we are confident that we'll have you covered. Heck, even if you want to get a jump on back to school shopping, we are offering a huge savings with our Buy2Get2 coupon code!

 What is one thing that is almost universally loved amongst children? The answer obviously is cookies. As a matter of fact, most kids love cookies so much that those delicious little snacks have every right to cower in fear. That's why we came up with this utterly adorable Scared Cookie t-shirt. Just eat the little guy quickly, okay? There's no need to drag it out and make him suffer. Mmmm, cookies...


The cookies may be running scared, but the ice cream is happy as can be. If you need proof, take a look at our brand new Smiling Ice Cream Cone youth t-shirt! Why is the little ice cream cone smiling? Because he knows that being eaten is more preferable to melting all over the floor. Unlike many of the other designs in this blog post, this item is only available in our four youth style sizes.


Okay, we didn't plan it this way, but we've got another funny t-shirt for kids that has to deal with food. It's our awesome new Pizza Goes Here Arrow design. Like all of the kids shirts we offer, this item is made of an ultra soft cotton blend, which is as long-lasting as it is comfortable. After we print our high quality ink onto our apparel, we cure each tee under extremely high heat in our dryers. None of our tee shirt designs will fade or flake away after washing or drying!


It used to be that the nerdy kids were on the fringes of society. Heck, bands like Rush made a career out of writing songs on their behalf. These days however, nerds are just as popular as those who love and do the sports! We chose to embody this new alpha child status with our new Nerd Game is Strong funny t-shirt. Some kids live for new video games, and others salivate over comic books and comic book movies. Either way, this funny t-shirt is the perfect gift for your nerdy daughter or son!



Last but not least, we have one of our stylish new all over print camouflage t-shirts. This cool tee features an original text design, and is made for those kids who absolutely love anything to do with zombies. If you haven't seen our Just Hiding From Zombies full camo print shirt yet, you're missing out. Can you imagine the looks that this super cool cotton / polyester blended tee will get? We can, and it's awesome!


 Don't worry parents, we didn't forget about you! With the exception of the Smiling Iced Cream Cone design, all of these products are also available in our adult sizes. We are always uploading new cool t-shirts, so make sure that you check back often. You never know what kind of awesome apparel we're going to be rolling out next. Thanks for checking in with us, and have a fantastic Friday and weekend!