Have you heard of the Baby Announcement phenomenon? For those of you playing the home game, placing pregnancy announcement pictures and video clips on social media is all the rage these days. It certainly can reach people faster than sending some photos in the mail to people! With the right funny maternity shirts, you could come up with a hysterical picture or video clip that will not only share the good news, but give those closes to you a laugh in the process!

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 First up is one of the best baby announcement pictures that we've ever seen. This one features not one, but two of our funny t-shirt designs. The mom to be is wearing our Bun in the Oven maternity shirt, while the surprised looking dad is sporting our Holy Shit I am Going to Be a Dad tee. Pretty adorable, isn't it? The ringspun cotton is ultra soft, and will feel as comfortable as your favorite vintage tee does.



If you're one of those couples that received a small surprise from the doctor, you'll probably like our next picture. This couple took our This is My Last One Seriously baby bump shirt, and created one of the cutest pics that we've seen in quite a while. Some surprises are awesome, and we hope you'll make us a small part of your celebration! And did we mention that all of our pregnancy tees come with ruched sides?


Sometimes the simplest way to make an annoucement is the best. Here we see an awesome looking mom to be showing the world that she is an incredibly successful Pumpkin Smuggler. Any one of our colorful graphic designs will look good whether you're doing a hugely orchestrated announcement, or you just want to sit there and look amazing. This design, like all of the funny maternity shirts we have for sale, comes in sizes small through 2XL.


No matter what kind of baby announcement that you've got in mind, we think that you'll find our selection of maternity shirts more than sufficient to suit your needs and tastes. If you're looking for cute baby t-shirts and creepers, we have plenty of those to choose from too. Each of our funny baby shirts and rompers comes in four sizes, and are designed to fit most children between the ages of three and twenty-four months comfortably.

Thanks for checking us out, and be sure to use that Buy2Get2 promo code before you go. You simply won't find a better deal than that online. And if you happen to have taken any announcement pictures with one of our pregnancy tees on, share them with us on social media. We'd love to show you off!

 Happy Thursday!