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"I Want to Believe."

Doesn't it feel cool to read those words again? We love it, and with the return of such iconic shows as The X-Files, our minds are all in a tizzy about aliens, government conspiracies, and other really cool stuff. Okay, so maybe the thought of getting kidnapped by aliens from outer space may not be your idea of a good time, but that shouldn't stop you from being able to have fun with the rest of us.

If you're looking to buy funny t-shirts online that parody and celebrate your obsession with little green (or is it gray?) men from another world, we think you'll love the collection items we've got for you today. The first one that we've got for you is our classic I Want to Believe UFO Dinosaur t-shirt. Not only does it show off some pretty sweet looking UFO's, but it also gives us a chance to discuss our theory as to what killed off the dinosaurs.


If you ever see an unidentified flying object, you'll want to make sure that you get some evidence as quickly as possible. Rather than using the high def camera on your smartphone or reaching for a GoPro, we recommend grabbing the worst possible camera that you can find. You'll thank us once you're done shaking the photo and see the awesome grainy image.


Despite the denials from government agencies and ridicule from people we know, we still want to believe. Our belief goes beyond UFO's to things like the mythological unicorn. Check out our I Want to Believe Unicorn tee! Isn't it adorable? Like many of the items that we have for sale on our website, this funny t-shirt comes in men's, women's slim, and even youth style shirts.


Before we leave you, we wanted to show off our new collection of The 100 Where is Wanheda t-shirts, which we made in collaboration with the producers of the hit CW show. These tees are soft, comfortable, and available in several styles and colors. Make sure you get yours before the next episode premieres!


Thanks for reading our blog again everyone. Remember, the truth is still out there! Happy Monday!