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Well greetings and the most heartfelt salutations to each and every one of you today! We're here to talk about the wonderful world of weddings, and the insane bachelor and bachelorette parties that they often come with. If you or someone you know is getting married in the near future, we think it would be wise of you to pay extra attention. We've got a slew of new funny t-shirts for guys and girls that will provide you with all that you'll need for the perfect bachelor or bachelorette party.

Let's start at the top, shall we? Have you seen our awesome new Groom Ball and Chain t-shirt? Like all of the adult guys tees we sell, this one comes in sizes small through 5XL, and is screen printed on our ultra soft ringspun cotton apparel. We don't care if you're going golfing, bar hopping, or trying to fix the flat tire that your party limo just got out of nowhere, you're going to want to make sure that you're wearing something comfortable. Nothing is softer than our vintage style cotton tees!

Ladies, you're up! We've got not one but two beautiful women's slim fitting tees for you to choose from. The first is our awesome new Bride to Be Wedding shirt, which comes in five ladies slim sizes. All of our ladies fit tees fit like a juniors. If you and your fellow girls are looking to get some tees like these before the big night, and are worried about fit, check out the size chart on any of our individual product pages. All of the answers that you seek will be revealed.


The second blushing bride shirt we have for you is our gorgeous new Bride Gold Glitter Ink Wedding tee. Like the first bridal shirt, it comes on white ringspun cotton, and is cut to fit like a juniors. Heck, we think it might not be a bad idea to bring two of them to the party. You never know when some drunken hooligan might accidentally spill a beer on you. It also helps to have a cool backup t-shirt, right?



Guys, are you planning on supporting the man of the hour at an upcoming bachelor party? If so, you're going to want to make sure that you show up looking your best. Check out our funny new Bachelor Party Ball and Chain design. What a better way than to show off what your friend the groom has in store for him than with this cool t-shirt? Not only are our funny shirts more comfortable, but they're also a heck of a lot less expensive than an actual ball and chain.

Fellas, we've got a pop quiz for you. Who is the most important person to the bride on her big day? No, not you. The maid of honor! Duh! Our fantastic new Maid of Honor Wedding shirt is the perfect way to honor the one who's sole job is to make sure her bestie has an amazing time. From planning the event to holding the hair back after all the partying is over, there is simply no way to say just how important the maid of honor is.


If you're going out on the town for your bachelorette party, you should check out our cool Bachelorette Team Bad Decisions Won't Make Themselves tee. After being out for just over a week, this item is already on track to become a top seller. The stylish dark grey and original text design is perfect for anyone who wants to make sure that everyone who sees you walk into an establishment is ready to rumble. You're here, and you're going to go for the gusto. Go for it girls!! 


And there are more! If you want to mix it up, we've got our new Bridal Squad Shimmer Ink Wedding and Brides Maid Shimmer Ink Wedding shirts. There's also our Bachelorette Party Ball and Chain design, which is guaranteed to get approving looks as you and your girls head out to see what shenanigans you can get into. Whether you're going out on a party scavenger hunt, you're going to go drink everyone at the bar under the table, or you just want to see what comes your way, we know you'll look amazing in some of our awesome new party tees.

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Party on, and have a fantastic Memorial Day weekend!