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Ladies and gentlemen, the day that you've all been hoping for for years has finally arrived. Some would say that it was inevitable. Seriously, it's part of our name! How could you not see this coming?

 After a great deal of time, consideration, market research, and petting things that wag a lot when you give them treats, we are ready to unveil our brand new line of cute dog shirts. We have four to show off to you today, and are planning on unveiling more in the very near future. 

 Before we dive into some of these super cute designs, we're going to tell you a little bit about these new items. We are currently offering these nifty little tees in four different sizes. Our small is designed to fit a frame between 5 and 10 lbs. The medium is tailored to fit a dog between 11 and 23 lbs, and our large should fit most four-legged friends between 24 and 45 lbs. As for our whopping extra large? That one should easily fit a dog between 46 and 70 lbs! 

We know that no two canine breeds are exactly alike, which is why we suggest to order a size up if your pup has a particularly broad chest. These doggie shirts are designed to fit comfortably, but you should always make sure that you take your furry friends particular shape into account before finalizing your purchase. Most of these tees are made out of 100% combed ringspun cotton, the exception being our heather grey. Those are a 90/10 blend. There is also double-needle binding ribbed binding on the arm, bottom, and neck holes. As always, we went with the best quality that we could find.

 Now then, on to the funny t-shirts! The first one is our super cute Security dog shirt. With a simple yellow text design on a beautiful shade of royal blue, we think that this new item is perfect for any dog that takes their duties pertaining to guiding the house. Not only is it incredibly cute, but it is also will serve as a warning to anyone who even thinks of teasing your puppy about their protective instincts.


Up next is our brand new Best Dog Ever design. Not only is it something that ever canine feels they deserve, but it's something that ever owner also thinks their pet deserves! Have you ever told your adorable little ball of fluff and they're the best ever? (Don't be ashamed, we're guilty of the same thing!) We think this could be one of the best holiday or Christmas presents ever for man's best friend.



 Say it with us folks. Pugs, Not Drugs! It's one of our most popular (or should we say, pupular?) classic funny tee designs, Not only is it a fantastic design, but it also has a socially conscious message that turns your dog into a billboard for any anti-drug campaign. Even if you don't happen to own a Pug, we don't think that your little friend will mind. It's for a good cause!



The fourth and final design cool dog shirt that we wanted to show you is another one of our classics, which is our Chemistry of Bacon design. Not only does it look sharp on red cotton, but it also is something that everything with a tail would love to eat. What little pooch wouldn't want to get their paws on a delicious strip of bacon? We know that we've never met one. Even if you yourself are a vegan, you cannot blame your pup for salivating over it. They are designed to eat mostly meat, after all!



We hope that you love all of these new items as much as we do. We've put a ton of time and energy into them, and cannot wait to see pictures of you and your furry companions each wearing something from our store. For years we have devoted ourselves to being the best place on the internet to buy funny t-shirts online. Now that we've branched out into the world of pet clothing, we hope that you enjoy them as much as we do!