Greetings and salutations to each and every one of your awesome individuals! Today, we're here to talk about Mother's Day. This year, Mother's Day falls on May 8th, just a few days after Cinco de Mayo. That means that if you do your shopping the old fashioned way, i.e., at the last minute, you'll only hav a few short days to sober up and get your mom something special. What will you do if you can't find anything? What if you're forced to spend more than you are comfortable with? Did you ever hear the tale of the child who went shopping for their mom the day before the holiday, only to get lost in the mall? They were never seen again!

The solution to all of these potential problems is to do your shopping well in advance, and on the internet. The world wide web is the best place to get thoughtful gifts that let the recipient know that you know who they are, and what they like. We may be biased, but we think that a funny t-shirt is the best way to go. They're comfortable, clever, and can be intensely personal. Lucky for you, we are the best place to buy funny t-shirts online!

 Some moms may feel like their special day doesn't mean very much anymore. Like Christmas, Valentines Day, and other important days, over-commercialization has taken its toll. What was once a day where families celebrated and thanked their moms with tokens of affection and love. That's all been replaced by cheap chocolates and cheaper Lifetime movies. No more! We here at CrazyDog T-shirts are here to Make Mother' Day Great Again, and we're starting with this cool t shirt. All of our ladies slim fit tees come in sizes small through 2XL.


If you were ever a kid for more than ten minutes, then you know that it seems as if moms have an almost magical ability to catch you in the act when you're doing something you're not supposed to be doing. We like to call it the 3rd Eye Effect. Some of you may prefer to think of it as the esoteric 3rd Eye concept that can provide an individual with a level of perception far beyond normal human sight. Others may think of it as that eye that moms say they have in the back of thier head. Either way, our Moms 3rd Eye Activated design makes for one awesome shirt, doesn't it?


Do you have a great mom that would go above and beyond for you no matter what was going on? Even if they don't put on a patriotic leotard and cape (If not, they totally should!),  we think that this item will do just fine in a pinch. We've all known a few moms like that, which is actually how we were able to come up with our brand new Full Time Mom, Part Time Superhero tee. Adorable, isn't it? This ultra soft ringspun cotton number is very comfortable, which feels very good when you're fighting crime or cleaning up messes!  



The final funny t shirt for women that we've got for you today is our brand new Mom Just Like Dad Only Smarter design. This one comes on our stylish red cotton apparel, and has a totally original graphic text design. Now, we're not trying to be purposefully diminishing of the brains and contributions that dads bring to the table each day, but, this isn't our Father's Day blog post. That one's coming soon, but in the meantime, suck it up dads. It's all about the moms today! 


Now isn't that easier than trying to grab something in a frantic frenzy at the local mall or department store? Trust us, we've been there, when all of the shelves at the good stores are picked clean and you're forced to try and find something cool at the dollar store. Having the option to buy funny t-shirts online for Mother's Day and other holidays is something that everyone should take advantage of, especially when you can save huge.

Want to score four items for the price of two? It's easy! All you have to do is select four items for your cart, and head to the checkout page. Once you're there, enter our Buy2Get2 code in the coupon code section, and the price of two shirts will be deducted from your total instantly. Pretty sweet, isn't it?

Thanks for taking a moment to check us out. We hope you find the perfect gift for your mom. Our website has an insanely huge selection, so make sure you take the time to look around. You never know what you might find. Happy Friday!!