We don't know about you, but there are few things we look forward to in the morning more than than we love the air we breathe. We really can't function if we don't get some caffeine in our systems before 7:00 am. And then again at 8:00 am and 9:00 am. Some of us prefer coffee, while others are suckers for tea. Either way, our love of these classic hot morning beverages has inspired us to craft some mighty awesome products over the years.

Brand new to our website is our new section for funny drinking mugs! These 11 oz mugs are made of white ceramic, and are completely safe to put in a microwave or dishwasher. Each of the funny coffee mugs has one of our classic graphic or text designs on the side, and will last you for years to come. Kinda like our funny t-shirts that you've come to know and love! Let's dive in, shall we?

Are you the type of person who can't seem to get the day started without feeling like you're 50% Done With Tomorrow Already? If so, we have a novelty coffee mug for you! Whether you're ticked off about work, or you're just sick of the kids screaming and running around like little drunk people, this cup is probably perfect for you.



Have you seen those World's Best Dad mugs? This isn't one of those. This is a classic take on our new Upside Down Kids World's Okayest Dad design. This graphic was an instant hit when we rolled it out on a shirt, and why not? It was afterall a more in-depth take on one of our all time greatest Okayest designs! When it comes to tell people just how mediocre they are, we here at CrazyDog T-shirts take our job very seriously!


For some people, there is nothing stronger than their love for their cats. It doesn't matter if you have one friendly feline, or your house is crawling with kittens. This ceramic mug is so well made and printed that they will look good even when they're covered with cat hair. Why does this mug rule? Why are you awesome? Because Cats, that's why! This mug is perfect for people who cannot go a day without cuddling with their cats.


Not in the mood for a coffee cup? We've got some cool shirts for caffeine lovers too! Do you know one of those individuals who just can't function when it's early in the morning? The caffeine hasn't kicked in, and it's just too much to hear someone yapping in your ear. Pretty relatable, isn't it? Take a look at our Please Stop Talking It's Too Early Coffee design, which is screen printed on a high quality ringspun cotton. In case you were wondering, our men's and women's styles both come in a huge array of sizes!.


 We can't forget our tea drinkers out there! Coffee may get all of the attention in pop culture, but a strong cup of tea has been a favorite of cultural notables for centuries. From C.S. Lewis and Agatha Christie to Queen Elizabeth II and Captain Picard of the U.S.S. Enterprise, it's all about the leafy beverage. There are tons of lists of famous tea drinkers out there, but they all have one unfortunate thing in common: They all forget about the T-Rex. Believe it or not, the tyrant lizard was a huge fan of Tea, a fact that we have immortalized on our Tea Rex shirt



It wouldn't be a CrazyDog blog post if we didn't get a little silly on you, which we're going to do with the last item on our list. Take a look at our Coffee Makes Me Poop tee. We would go into greater detail with it, but is it really needed? Seriously, what more needs to be said? Coffee makes you poop. Q.E.D.


We hope that you have a great Wednesday, and take the time to browse through our website. Remember to use our Buy2Get2 promo code at checkout. Who wouldn't want to take home four awesome items for the price of two? Well, you could do that if you wanted to, but it just seems kinda weird. Either way, we're happy you dropped by. Toodles!!