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The 2016 general election is in full swing, which means that it's time for all responsible companies like us to get out there and try to make a difference. With the shape that the United States is in these days, we each need to do the best we can to try and ensure that future generations inherit a better place than we all have. That's why we here at CrazyDog T-shirts have decided not to endorse any candidate, and just make fun of the whole process. Because if we're not laughing a little bit at the whole thing, then seriously, what are we all doing here?

The good news is that we've got a ton of funny political t-shirts to do it with, and we're going to show off some of our newest ones to you now. Up first is our Hillary 2016 Presidential Election shirt. Screen printed on our ultra soft heather grey apparel, this item comes in both our adult men's and women's tees, both of which come in several different sizes. If you're with her, then we suggest that you check this one out today.


Next on the list is our equally stylish Trump 2016 Presidential Election t-shirt. Don't worry partisans, it comes on the same super soft material and wide array of sizes that the aforementioned Hillary Clinton tee does. Whether you love and agree with Donald Trump on the issues, or you just want to stick it to the man by sending someone to Washington D.C. who has never been there before, we think you'll have a fun time in this cool t-shirt! Our Trump shirt is shown in the women's slim fit style, which fits more like a juniors than our men's tees. Those fit like a modern unisex.


 Now, it's no secret that a huge percentage of the population are not only sick and tired of both parties, but displeased with both candidates that those parties decided to put up. That's why we decided to make some funny shirts in recognition of 3rd party candidates. First up is our Pizza Wings 2016 Presidential Election tee. We're not sure how you may feel, but we personally thing that if Pizza and Wings ran everything, the country would be in amazing shape. Our men's tees run from sizes S-5XL, and our ladies slim run between S-2XL.

And yes, this design also comes in the form of one of our new funny coffee mugs! Pretty awesome, don't you think? All of our 11 oz white ceramic coffee cups are dishwasher and microwaveable safe.


If pizza & wings ain't your thing, maybe this one will tickle your fancy. Just think of how many people would be up for voting for a ticket of Unicorns and Glitter? Our Unicorns & Glitter 2016 Presidential Election shirt comes on super soft black ringspun cotton, and features a brighter twist on the logo used by the Hillary and Trump tees. Even better, it still comes in all the same sizes! Yay Magic!!


Before we leave you for the day, we wanted to bring up something serious. For years, parents have been struggling with ways to get their children interested in civics and government. Our advice is to start them off young, which is why we're proud to unveil a brand new funny baby one piece bodysuit. Our Boobs & Sleep 2016 Baby Creeper is the best way we can think of not only to make your children more socially aware, but to get tons of laughs out of everyone you come in contact with during the electio cycle. Our funny baby rompers come in four sizes, and are designed to fit most children between the ages of 3-24 months.


Thanks again to each and every one of you patriotically minded people. Make sure you check back often, because you never know what other awesome designs we're going to come up with. No matter what kind of developments happen during this crazy campaign, you can sure that we'll be there to roll our eyes at it and make you laugh. Have a good one!