It's been one heck of a week for politics in America, wouldn't you say? After what most people would call a train wreck of a Republican convention, Donald Trump appears to be getting a post-convention bounce. Hillary Clinton's DNC convention was supposed to kick off the week like a smooth, well-oiled machine, but that was all thrown into chaos thanks to 20,000 leaked emails via WikiLeaks. Suffice to say, if you supported Bernie Sanders, you have plenty of reasons to be slightly peeved this morning. Not even the amazing Kreskin could have seen any of this coming!

Because we always like to take things seriously here at CrazyDog T-shirts, we thought we'd start off our week poking fun at all of this stuff. Before we continue, we want to make clear that we never mean to push any sort of political bias or reveal an agenda. To put it simply, when people act like morons in the public eye, we'll be there to make fun of it and sell cool t-shirts!

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If you read any of the leaked emails that WikiLeaks posted from the DNC, you saw more than just plots to overthrow Sen. Bernie Sanders and his supporters. You saw a ton educated, influential people with absolutely terrible grammar. Seriously folks, we all fudge our waythrough inter-office email chains, but this is ridiculous. Because of that, we thought we'd start off with our classic I'm Silently Correcting Your Grammar t-shirt. A bit of wisdom for all you political folk: Your chances of being hacked and having your info leaked are somewhere between 95-120%. Type like everyone is reading.


One of our favorite new funny t-shirts for people that are hoping to channel their inner Dilbert is our awesome new Survived Another Meeting That Should Have Been an Email shirt. Like most of the cool tees on our website, this one comes in both our ladies slim and men's adult styles, both of which are available in a large number of sizes. Just remember, our women's slim tees are slim, and will fit more like a juniors.

Out of curiosity, do you think that people working at the DNC wish in hindsight that they had attended more meetings and sent less emails?


Meanwile, all those thoughts of unity before the DNC went right out the window. Rather than supporting their party nominee, a lot of Senator Sanders supporters still feel the bern. One of our favorite tees during the course of this election cycle has been our Oooh Bern! tee, which is still available in several sizes. Pretty awesome, isn't it? Now you can stick it to the man and look amazing in super soft ringspun cotton at the same time!


 You're probably wondering how we're going to reference Donald Trump throughout all this? We would say he's gone through the primary and nominating process like a bull in a china shop, but we feel that would be underselling it. In reality, he's been more like a T-Rex in a china shop. A T-Rex that can use the force. Now, Donald wasn't the inspiration for our hysterical Don't Need Long Arms if You Use the Force T-Rex shirt, but it certainly does look like him, doesn't it? This cool t-shirt comes not only in both standard adult styles, but our stylish kids tees as well.


 Before we leave you for the day and go back to writing product descriptions and shipping funny t shirts, we wanted to show you that we do have some positive tees as well for those of you who love Mrs. Clinton and hope she crosses the finish line in November with a win. That's why we're bringing back our world famous Ask Me About HIllary Clinton flip up t-shirt. Screen printed here inside our Rochester, New York facility with the upmost care by our team of experienced printers, this design is perfect for people who love Hillary and want to start a conversationa about her. It could also work well for impressionists. Pardon us while we send one of these to Frank Caliendo!



If you're wondering why we don't have a Debbie Wasserman-Schultz shirt, it's really quite simple. We considered it, but then realized that literally no one would know who she is. Sorry Debbie, but we only parody well-known targets!

In any event, we think we've had our fun for today. Be sure to checkout all of the cool shirts that we've got for sale today on our website, and make sure that you remember that Buy2Get2 coupon code we mentioned earlier. Despite the fact most of the campaigns started a year ago, this whole shebang is just getting started. We still have over three months until the election, which means there will be plenty of opportunities to have a laugh at people between now and then. Thanks for chekcout out our blog today, and have a happy Monday!!