Just because Saint Patrick's Day is under two weeks away does not mean that you don't have time to get the items you need to look your best on March 17th! No matter where you are in the United States, we should have no trouble packing and shipping off the cool shirt of your choice. Need a package sent priority, express, or overnighted? We can help you out with that. Helping you all get the shirts you need as soon as possible is as high a priority as making you laugh, so we take it quite seriously. Before we get going, we've got two awesome promo codes you need to know about!

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Pretty sweet, don't you think? The first item that we've got for you is this new Element of Beer design. Fitting just as comfortably into our classic element series as it does our funny St. Patrick's Day and drinking tees, this item is currently available in both our men's and our women's slim styles. The original look is screen printed onto our super soft ringspun cotton, and will look great on you as you step into any Irish themed pub.



What's one thing that you will definitely see around town on St. Pattie's Day? Shenanigans! Whether you're going to a parade, hanging out at a party, or trying to set a world record for keg stands, it all qualifies as shenanigans. This tee was specially designed for our Team Shenanigans All Stars 2016 squad! Show off your team pride and colors with this fantastic new item. The men's style tees come in sizes small through 5XL, while our ladies slim style runs between small and 2XL.


Last but not least is a funny t-shirt for someone who doesn't want to have to waste time explaining their order to the bartender. Some of you will look of our Whiskey and Beer shirt and think that you've found the ultimate cool Irish tee. Others may see a recipe for a boiler maker or two. You know what we see? A fantastic gift to get someone special before the big day arrives! Whether you're shopping for a friend, a significant other, or an Irish relative that you're desperate to help get back out there, we think our funny Saint Patrick's Day t-shirts make amazing presents this time of year. 


We are grateful to each and every one of you who took the time to check out today's blog post. Whether are you looking for a great gift, or you just want to have something awesome to wear out on the town, we hope that you continue to come to CrazyDog for all of your cool shirt needs. We are adding new items every week, and we know that you're going to love them as much as we do. Remember to use those two promo codes we listed above. If you're buying four or more shirts, we think that you should take advantage of our Buy2Get2 promo code. If you only are in the market for one or two shirts, our 20PLEASE code is probably right up your ally.

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