In case you haven't noticed, we put a lot of effort and energy into Halloween. We love this time of year, not just because we offer so many awesome scary ghost and zombie t-shirts, but because we truly love getting into the spirit ourselves! Over half of our office staff and print workers dressed up. Some of them wore items that you can find on our website, while others went the completely homemade route. Either way, it all came out awesome. We decided to show some of it off to you in today's blog post. Brace yourselves, because some of what you're about to see may scare you.

 First off, we've got the treats. Our awesome team went all out with cupcakes, bloody fingers, candy, and bagles. Pretty sweet, don't you think?



First up is Paulina, one of our studious office workers who spends a lot of her time managing our new products online. Paulina decided to let out her inner Trap Queen for the occasion. Nice sash, Paulina!

That brings us to our Marketing and Branding Dude Brian, who came dressed up as well. Contrary to popular belief, he's not a "pot-head." His costume is actually a take on that ledendary historical figure - Johnny Appleseed! Nice costume Brian. Just don't tell us any tall tales, okay?


Up next is our operations manager Pete, who underwent a bit of a metamorphasis this morning.As you can see, his original idea was to come in as the personification of The Beatles!




However, most people thought that he would be better suted as an older incarnation of Harry Potter. See what we mean?


Bill, our company president and founder, decided that it would be a scream to come dressed up as Manager Meg. He was so convincing that he had most of us laughing for a solid fifteen minutes. We're not kidding.


And speaking of Meg, she came dressed up as a scary skeleton! EEK!



Just to ram the point home, here's a shot of Bill and Meg together. Some of us are beginning to think that they are the same person. It's uncanny!



Next up is Rachel, who recently moved from the warehouse to the front office. Poor Rachel. She got too close to a Sharknado, and now has to walk around with a Great White Shark sticking out of her stomach. And to think that some of you selfish people will complain about your tummy's when you eat too much candy over the weekend! 


Rachel's finace Greg, who also happens to be one of our expert screen printers, also came in dressed up. He came in looking like fellow screen printer Ian! See?


Now, it would be far too confusing if there were two Ian's walking around. (Most of the time it feels like there are three of them here.) So in order to avoid confusion, Ian came dressed up in what can only be described as the embodyment of modern America. Or maybe, 'Merica!


Speaking of screen printers, here is Frankie, who also doubles as our website and instagram photographer. Frankie is wearing a very nice hat.


Over at the art department, we've got Matt. Apparently, Matt came dressed up as every next door neighbor that we've all had the misfortune to live next to. Nicely done Matt.


Here we see Joanna, who spends the majority of her time on our printed shirt floor. She dressed up using one of our fantastically funny Maternity shirts. Nice skeleton baby, Joanna!


Next up we've got Nikki, who apparently had a very negative run in with a ninja. Or at least, someone else who ticked someone off who knows how to use throwing stars very well. Still, she seems to be in good spirits! Way to go, Nikki!


Last (and some would say least), is our social media and web content writer, Jesse. He came as a guitarist, obviously. When he's not noodling around on his guitar, he writes the product descriptions and blogs. (::Waves!::)


We hope you all have a fantastic Halloween. Be safe if you go out trick-or-treating, be kind to your Jack-O'-Lanterns, and eat lots of candy. And if you happen to need any funny t-shirts or hoodies along the way, you know where to go. Happy Halloween!