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Believe it or not, our amazing collection of funny maternity shirts onced helped save the world. We don't like to brag, but it's actually a fascinating story. You see, there was once this group of humorless aliens who were hellbent on taking over earth, but then they saw our pregnancy apparel and started laughing. They were so happy that they discovered humor that they decided to leave our world in peace, promising never again to threaten us!

You see, we here at CrazyDog are not just a group of goofballs who make cool t-shirts. We also do the best we can to protect this planet! So without any further adieu, allow us to show you some of our newest maternity shirts. They really are very funny, we promise!

 Baby Boy Loading

Are you expecting the arrival of a beautiful baby boy in the next few months? Well congratulations! This original design is screen printed in-house onto one of our heather blue maternity tees, which are not only very soft, but come with ruched sides as well. This design allows for the maximum comfort level of comfort possible. All of our baby bump tees come in sizes small through 2XL. And if you happen to be expecting a baby girl soon, don't worry. We have a new item for you as well!

Baby Girl Loading

 Is there anything more adorable than a baby girl? They're probably the only thing in the world cuter than this cool pregnancy tee. Whether you're looking for something adorable to wear during your announcmenet picture, or you want to give the perfect push party present to a close friend or relative, we think that this new item will get nothing but smiles and laughs. Like the previous design, we've got plenty of sizes available!

 Lay Off Me I'm Starving

Who hasn't ever felt like this at least once (a day) throughout their pregnancy? We've got a few mothers under our roof, each of which said that this shirt reminded them of themselves. Spoofing one of the most popular comedy sketches of the 90's. Screen printed on our ultra soft heather grey, this original parody design is guaranteed to make people laugh whenever they see it!

 Chubby Unicorn

Look! It's a chubby unicorn! Get it? Isn't it the cutest thing that you've ever seen? It's really a rhino, but we think that it's adorable enough to fool at least a few people. We won't tell if you won't. Show off your beautiful baby bump with one of our most cute maternity shirts ever. Not only is this new design perfect for moms with a great sense of humor, but it will also look good on animal lovers too!

Thanks to all of you who took the time to take a look at our newest cool pregnancy shirts. No matter who you may have in mind, make sure that you take advantage of that Buy2Get2 promotional code. As long as you have four different items in your cart, you can enter that code into the Coupon Code section of the checkout page, and the average price of two t-shirts will come out instantly. To put it simply, there is no way you'll find a better deal than that!

Happy Monday!!