Hello one and all, and welcome back to a very happy Monday edition of the CrazyDog T-shirts Blog. Today we're here to talk about some of our cool t-shirts inspired by coffee, something that HubPages recently listed as the most consumed beverage in the world excluding water. Maybe that's why we've created not only a host of funny tees, but drinking mugs as well. Maybe we're a tad over-caffeinated, but we'd like to skip the rest of the chit chat and show you some of the designs we picked out for today's blog post. Cool?

The first one we've got for you today is our brand new Element of Coffee shirt. Screen printed on a handsome brown ringspun cotton tee, this original design is one of the latest and greatest in our Element category. This shirt not only lists the period elements used in coffee (sort of...), but also gives people around you fair warning that you might not be ready to engage in complex tasks, like talking. This funny graphic design will let them know to come back after you've had a few cups.


One of the best things about a good cup of Java? The amazing smell! That's why we put tons of thought and work into coming up with a new line of scented ink t-shirts. Our new I Heart Coffee design is screen printed on ultra soft heather gray tri-blend apparel, which is even softer than our normal ringspun cotton. Each of these items comes in both our standard men's (unisex) and women's slim (juniors) styles. The men's tees come in sizes S-5XL, while our ladies shirts run between S-2XL.


We couldn't let a blog post slip by without putting up a silly item, which brings us to our Coffee Makes Me Poop shirt. Believe it or not, it's actually quite a common problem. Understandily, not a lot of people go around talking about it. If you want to buck the trends and call attention to this rather awkward situation, we suggest slipping on this item today!


 The fourth installment for today's blog post is our classic Caffeine Addicts Anonymous shirt. Available in all of the same sizes as the previous entries on this list, this dark brown shirt could be the perfect birthday or holiday gift for anyone that might as well have coffee flowing through their veins instead of blood. If you're searching for the perfect gift to buy online, we cannot recommend this one enough!


The past product we've got for you is one of those brand new coffee mugs that we mentioned earlier. Many of our drinking cups have the same designs that are featured on our funny t-shirts, and this one is no different. Our Caffeine Addicted Drinking Mug is an eleven ounce cup that is both dishwasher and microwaveable safe. Use it at home, or show off your addiction status at the office. Either way, you'll be the most stylish person in the room!


Thanks for taking the time to check out today's blog post entry. If you like what you've seen and want to browse a bit more, make sure you check out the rest of the cool t shirts on our website. As always, be sure to use our Buy2Get2 coupon code once you're on the checkout page. As long as you have four items in your cart, the code will work. Why wouldn't want to take home four awesome tees for the price of two?

Happy Monday everyone!!