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Some people just want to make America great again. Here at CrazyDog T-shirts however, have goals that are even more lofty. Fixing the border, the economy, and our standing in the Middle East are nothing compared to the challenge that we have given ourselves. We want to make funny t-shirts great again, and we're seizing on the opportunity presented to us by the most unconventional, polarizing, and ridiculous primary year that we've ever seen. Normally, it's our job to make people laugh, but with all that's been going on with the Democrat and Republican primary contests, we figured that it was time to step up our game and crank out some new cool political shirts!

First up is our brand new Make America Grate Again. This brand new Donald Trump parody tee is screen printed on our signature soft ringspun cotton, and is currently for sale on our men's adult sizes. Fear not lady Trumpests, because these tees are not bowed out like an old school men's shirt. They are cut to fit like a unisex! Sizes small through 5XL are available today. We love this cool shirt so much that we recommend it to cheese lovers as much as we do to Trump supporters!



Last but not leat, we have a shirt that seems to be growing in popularity the longer this particular political season goes on. At first we thought it may have been a coincidence, but that passed by quickly. After a moment, we came to realize that it was just the normal reaction that people have when they are exposed to a certain level of crap commercials, stump speeches, and interviews. Check out our awesome new It's All Aboot Canada design. Simple, and effective. You know, kind of like Canada itself! Grab one for yourself, or get one for the entire family. They'll help you to blend if you decide to make a break for it.


Thanks for checking out all of our awesome new funny political tees. Each of these cool new designs are exclusive to CrazyDog, and will look awesome on you as you head on out to the local rally. Whether you're shopping for yourself, or planning a present for someone special, make sure that you take advantage of our Buy2Get2 promo code. Thanks for checking us out folks! Happy Monday!!!