Greetings one and all! We're here to give you a brief tour of some of our newest nerdy t-shirts. Not to be confused with actual Nerdy Shirts, but more on that later. Some of these shirts are designed for nature lovers. Others are for people who love cool shirts about relationships. No matter what kind of design we roll out for you today, you'll be seeing something for people with an offbeat sense of humor. Don't worry, even if some of those squares don't get it, you know that we're always laughing with you!

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First up for you today is our Mermaid Pattern t-shirt! Some of you may have grown up singing along to Ariel as a kid. Others probably grew up around the ocean, wondering if a singing siren would ever show up to seduce you with a song. Either way, you're probably going to love our new mermaid inspired tee. This cool t-shirt currently comes in sizes small through 2XL in our women's slim fit, and small through extra large in our youth sizes. Sorry gentlemen, but as of right now, this item is not available in our adult men's style. 

Have you taken a look at our super cute Safari Animals Heart design? This cool t-shirt design is available not only in our women's slim and youth styles, but our men's modern tees as well. Made of 100percent ringspun cotton, these tees come in sizes small through 5XL. If you've ever wanted to show off your love of all the beautiful creatures that roam the savannas of Africa, we think you'll flip for this design. Just don't wear it around any trophy hunting dentists. It'll confused the heck out of them.

We cannot continue without showing off one of our newest funny maternity shirts. Check out our new Good Vibes Only tee. Pretty cool, huh? As we've said before on our blogs, we have a number of awesome moms who work here at CrazyDog T-shirts. Each of our super soft baby bump shirts is made up of the same ringspun cotton that we use for our regular shirts. The cut is obviously different, as are the ruched sides. These two chances allow our pregnancy shirts to fit comfortably around any size baby bump. This item is available in sizes small through 2XL today!

Ever been told you need to relax? If so, you may be in dire need of our cool new Zen Buddha shirt. Don't think of it as just another cool t-shirt for men and women. Think of it as a way to keep yourself calm and relaxed in any situation. Did you just get rear ended by some careless jerk on the road? Look to your shirt. Did an ex just call you and remind you even more of what you dropped them like a rock? The shirt heals all. Show off your love of meditation, culture, and really nice people with this awesome graphic design today!

Thanks again to all of you who took the time to check out our newest funny t-shirts. No matter what kind of tastes you may have, how you got your sense of humor, or what it was that brought you to us, we know that we'll have something to tickle your funny bone. Be prepared to laugh, because CrazyDog is the best plays to buy cool t-shirts online! Before you go, make sure you keep that Buy2Get2 promo code in mind! Why pay more for amazing apparel when you can pay less?